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How to Create a Life You Love

by Rebecca Schweiger | Oct 16 | #authenticself

Pandemic life has thrown us hard and far from the security we were accustomed to.
When life pulls all of the roots out from below your feet, you are left with an open field. With anchors lifted, feeling lost, ungrounded, and destabilized are all part of the new normal.
Covid life has been hard. And, with every breakdown, breakthrough is there for the taking.
The longer covid times go on, the more I am questioning my life. How do I spend my most critical, non-renewable resource- my time? What fears hold me back, and will I now do something everyday that scares me to break through? What makes me feel alive, what drains my energy? How have I been abandoning the small still voice inside of me that is my true North Star, and how will I listen, in action? It’s time to live the entirety of my life by design, not default. The same opportunity is beckoning you.
Humanity needs an upgrade. Politically. Socially. Interpersonally. We have been sleepwalking, and a worldwide pandemic is our clear wake-up-shake-up call.
Change is pounding on your door, begging for you to answer. You are standing in your own open field. Tend to it. Plant and grow anew.