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Spring 2013, New York City, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. An undergraduate student and medical student are struck by the lack of  interaction and activity amongst children hospitalized in the wards. There was a complete lack of mental and physical stimulation for the kids, and they were listless. Encouraged and mentored by Dr. Edward Burns, the two students started TEACH to promote healing for hospitalized children through creative and engaging teaching. 

Studies show that happier children have better medical outcomes, which is why TEACH is so proud of how the work engages hospitalized children and stimulates them.  

TEACH is a completely volunteer run not-for-profit that has undergraduate and graduate students engage hospitalized children with exciting STEM module activities. Since its inception in 2013, it has reached over 3,000 children across more than 30 hospitals, in more than 8 states. 

The Executive Director of TEACH remembers the young boy in Downstate hospital in Brooklyn, who was so unhappy that he had tried to run away the day before. At that time, TEACH was running a Yeast Balloon module, which uses yeast, sugar, a balloon and a water bottle, to teach children about respiration. After listening to a brief description of the exercise,  the young boy was intrigued enough to emerge from under the covers and became completely engaged. He had so much fun doing the experiment that he would not let the staff take it away from his bedside the entire day. Surgeons, staff and volunteers were all amazed by the response the Yeast Balloon had received from the young patients. One surgeon even wished he had performed the experiment himself! 

Help TEACH attain the goal of reaching 500 to 700 children in 2019 by supporting their first fundraising event in collaboration with The Art Studio NY, a paint night! Kosher appetizers and refreshments will be served.