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Ready to Change Your Life with Art?

Ready for something more powerful than a little abracadabra? Do you want to change your life? Join the club. Everyone longs for change, whether it is changing an annoying old habit or perhaps a larger leap of faith into a dramatic life shift.

Get honest with yourself. What kind of change are you longing for?

Ahhhh, change. I go to bed too late, I am lazy when the gym is concerned, I work too much, and I’m addicted to my iPhone… that’s just the small stuff that I am changing one itty bit at a time. On a larger scale, let’s just say that my amigdala’s frontal cortex overreacts with a fear response that should only be used in 911 situations, however instead, when change is on the horizon (good change!), I freeze like a deer in headlights. I’m working on that one, too.

What if you could use one simple word to make real changes in your life? You can. All you have to do is know that YOU ARE AN ARTIST.

Claiming my identity as an “artist” didn’t happen overnight. An artist is any person who uses their creativity and imagination to create. Create what? ANYTHING. YOUR LIFE. Your health. Fulfilling experiences. Loving relationships. Forgiveness. Acceptance.

The dictionary happens to agree with me:

art·ist (ärtst), n.

1. A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill.

An artist’s purpose is not limited to painting, drawing, singing or dancing. An artist is any person (YOU) who has inborn talents and exhibits these talents through expressed creativity.

Could you be an artist as a talented doctor (an artist of the human body)? Perhaps you are an artist parent (creating a loving home and healthy children)? Maybe you are an artist lawyer (creating legal change to benefit and protect the rights of others). What kind of artist are you?

When you choose to harness the power of the word artist, you claim your birthright and your true identity as a creator. You have been put on this earth to create a life completely unique to you. If you do not consider yourself an artist, you are selling yourself, and the world, short.

Call yourself an artist. When you do, you suddenly hold the magic wand to create, change, and express every possibility in your life. Being an artist goes far beyond the paintbrush. Being an artist gives you permission to be who you are, express who you are, and create a life of meaning, purpose and joy.

Are you ready to call yourself an artist? What do you want to change and create in your life? Share with me below, or share with me on The Art Studio NY Facebook Page. Your expression matters, my dear artist.

PS. If you are ready to flex your creative magic wand this summer, check out our summer art classes that are guaranteed to awaken YOUR art and soul!

PPS. Keep your eyes open for another blog post this week about How One Woman Changed Her Life Through Art!

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18-Nov-2015 12:22 PM


Such a positive view of artists, thank you 🙂
18-Nov-2015 12:24 PM

Rebecca Schweiger

I’m so happy that you enjoyed this blog about artists. Remember, YOU are an artist! Visit or join our FB page to receive more creative inspiration!
18-Nov-2015 12:25 PM


Thank you, I’ll definitely check that site out. Have an inspiring Day