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How to Create a Life You Love

by Rebecca Schwieger


“The greatest risk you’ll ever take by far, is to stand in the light and be seen as you are.” @jordansmithlive


Rebels. Change makers. Artists. Risk takers. The brave amongst us.


Choosing to be authentic is a path of self-worth, courage and self-honesty. In this process and practice of saying yes to your true self, you create full permission to be all of you- your light and shadow, your desires and fears, your greatness and inner-wounds. You allow yourself to be seen, held, loved and expressed, first and foremost by yourself to yourself.


Authentic living is a spiritual path where you come to understand that you exist for a reason. Dimming your light out of fear or shame just won’t do. There is only one of you in all of time, you have a purpose in this mysterious tapestry of life, and to suppress, deny or hide who you are is a disservice to humanity. And you know it.


Society often programs us to be “nice and good, to make others happy, don’t make too many waves”, and yet much of that conditioning equals self-abandonment and excessive self-sacrifice. When was the last time you asked yourself, “If fear didn’t exist, what life would I live? What are my deepest dreams and desires? What makes me feel alive? Whose story am I living?”


Artistic expression is authenticity in action. In this spiritual practice, you make and take up space for your you-ness. You witness, embrace and express your inner-life in full color. You say YES to all of who you are, knowing that in standing in the light and being seen as you are, you are embracing your full potential and inspiring others to do the same.


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