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What is it really like to be an artist? Step into the shoes of professional painter Galit Oelsner as she shares her secrets of what it really takes to succeed as an artist. With Galit’s first solo New York City art exhibition opening this June at the stunning Prince George Ballroom Gallery (it is a must-see, her paintings move and inspire!), I eagerly listen as Gala gives me a glimpse into her inner-world as an artist. With the poignant honesty that Israelis are admired for, she shares the challenges of her artistic career as well as what makes her most proud, and she gives us a sneak peek at her 30+ paintings and photographs that will be on exhibition. My personal favorite? Galit’s advice to YOU about how to succeed and make your dreams come true, both on and off the canvas of life.  

Rebecca: When did you first decide to take an art class at The Art Studio NY? What was going on in your life that impacted your decision to take an art class? 

Galit: Learning is part of my growth. At the time I chose The Art Studio NY,  I was looking for a place that would help me expand my knowledge in art techniques while providing me with a warm environment for my creativity.  This is what I found in The Art Studio NY almost eight years ago, and this is why I continue coming to this art studio today. 

Rebecca: What role has The Art Studio NY played in your career as an artist? 

Galit: The Art Studio NY changed my perspectives and taught me to think big. Rebecca Schweiger‘s approach has always been, “If you want to do something, DO IT and do not be afraid to make mistakes along the way. It is part of the process of creativity.”  The opportunity to paint in small groups (not as crowded as any other art classes) allowed me to use big canvases and put my ideas on the canvas. Any idea that I had was always encouraged and supported by the high knowledge of the instructors at The Art Studio NY

Rebecca: Do you ever get blocked or stuck in your creative process? What do you do to get unstuck? 

Galit: Sure. It is part of the process of creativity. For me, it helps to continue working on my artwork, and the flow will come through the process itself. Sometimes, it is good to take a pause while I go back to what inspire me most.

Rebecca: Gala,  What inspires you? 

Galit: As an artist, you always need to be living with your eyes open. I get my inspiration from my surroundings, and I translate it to art with my eyes closed. My creative path is to “walk” between the two worlds: reality and my imagination. I am also inspired by books, poetry, movies, music and may other moving forms of creativity.  My work is a reflection of what I see and what I feel. 

Rebecca: Many people are very afraid of taking an art class. What advice do you have for those that are afraid?

Galit: The “barrier” is only in our mind. Start in small steps. Be open and ready to make mistakes. It is part of the process of learning. Do not compare yourself to others. This is your own journey. If you love art and you want to make art, you cannot get away from it. It will always follow you, so you better start doing it! You will be very happy you did. 

Rebecca: What is most challenging for you about being an artist? What is most rewarding about being an artist?

Galit: The challenge for me as an artist is how to make sure that my artwork will transform into a moving experience for the viewer. When my artwork moves others, this is the most rewarding. If someone looks at my art and tells me that he thought about it later, that it touched him in some way – for me, this is the most rewarding part of being an artist. 

Rebecca: You have an upcoming exhibition of close to 30 pieces of your artwork. Tell us all about your exhibition, the artwork you have created, the materials you are using, and how it feels to prepare for your first solo show in New York City. 


Galit: I am very excited about my art show. My exhibition, Cover, Uncover, Discover, will include a series of paintings and photographs. My artwork reflects a continuous inner search to discover our hidden layers that we usually cover and protect within ourselves. I moved to New York from Israel in 1999.  From a different cultural environment, I had my own layers that were instilled in me: words, memories, events, childhood, and places carved within me. Arriving in New York City, I started to gain cultural experiences and realizations that covered over my earlier Israeli life experiences. My artwork is very symbolic.  I paint a bird as a symbol of freedom. Our thoughts, much like birds, have no limitations and no borders. They can fly anywhere and everywhere. The tree, in my paintings, are symbols of growth and development. The word “Hineni” (“I Am” in Hebrew) emphasizes my  genuine self, the self that is found only in the purity of a child. My series of photographs, Duality of a Playground, explores childhood as our foundation layer, our first layer of our lives. 

Rebecca: What advice do you have for those who want to exhibit their artwork and become professional artists?

Galit: Art is like any other profession. If you want to be a professional artist, you have to think and be professional. It all comes down to hard work, full dedication, consistency, and most of all, your commitment to believe in what you are doing.



Art Exhibition Opening Reception:
Tuesday, June 11, 7 – 9 pm

15 East 27 Street, NYC,
Exhibition runs from June 5 – 28, 2013

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