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Relax with Art gallery for Spring

This spring our artists created beautiful art in a range of mediums and subject matter. 

Would you like to be a part of our online student art gallery? Email your artwork/name/class name to [email protected]

Highlighted ART CLASSES:


Drawing is one of the most popular modes of artistic expression since the beginning of time… just think of cavemen! Express yourself through this encouraging and relaxing drawing class as YOU:

• Receive one-on-one expert art instruction customized to your skill level 
• Learn our fear-free art approach as you learn to draw in our intimidation-free, non-judgmental art studio 
• Feel inspired by a variety of subject matter as your muse, including: still life, realism, abstraction, the human figure, portraiture, and more 
• Unleash your inner-artist as you learn a variety of beginner drawing class techniques, such as: charcoal and pencil use, shading, expressive line, mark-making, composition, contour drawing, dimension, and more! 
• Succeed in creating many finished drawings 
• Receive the lasting health benefits of drawing and art classes, such as relaxation, stress relief, and mental clarity


Painting is sumptuous, exciting, and one of the most popular mediums used by painting artists throughout the world. This oil painting class is perfect for any level, both beginners and those who have taken an art class (or many art classes) already and are excited to master even more. In this oil painting class, you will:

• Learn new techniques to explore and incorporate into your paintings 
• Master artistic techniques that will deepen your painting experience 
• Relax, de-stress and feel inspired while you express your unique voice through your paintings 
• Explore both foundational and advanced techniques, such as: color mixing, color value, composition, glazing, brushwork, paint application, texture, and more 
• Paint from personally chosen subject matter such as still life, landscape, abstraction, portraiture, and more 
• Receive nurturing, customized one-on-one expert art instruction based on your personal needs and goals 
• Create multiple paintings that you will be proud to hang in your home! 
• Engage with your peers in a supportive, non-judgmental art community


Taste it all in this drawing and painting class for beginners! Artistic expression in the form of painting and drawing expression is exciting, energizing and incredibly freeing! Discover your authentic inner-artist and your creative passion in this popular weekend beginner’s art class as YOU:

• Explore your creativity through painting, drawing and the two combined 
• Experiment with a variety of art materials, including acrylic paint, charcoal drawing, paint textures, and more 
• Discover art techniques including color mixing, composition, paint application, personal self-expression, line, form, shading and more 
• Get inspired from subject matter such as still life, landscape, abstraction, realism, and your personal creativity 
• Relax in this weekly creative escape while receiving encouraging, one-on-one art instruction by a professional artist

All levels welcome, perfect for beginners or those who have dabbled with painting and drawing classes

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