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Student Spotlight – Jan Kliger

1. What is your favorite medium?
I enjoy using lots of different materials…pencil, colored pencils, pastels, acrylics and collage and any combination of those.

2. What is your most memorable ART experience?
Years ago I had a show at my house in Westchester. There were 6 other artists and myself whose work I hung in my house…Lots of friends and neighbors came. We all sold some of our work, it was so much fun!

3. What inspires your artwork?
Everything from a color to a shape. I use my phone to grab a picture of something.

4. What is your favorite quote or song at the moment?
The definition of “Fear” is ”False Evidence Appearing Real.”

5. Name one spot you’d love to travel to with a brush and a canvas!
Any place with an ocean or a lake.

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