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Art Spotlight – Best Way to Relieve Stress

Jenny Casey is one of our very incredible students at The Art Studio NY. She exhibits her artwork in New York, and is currently taking Painting For The Next Level with instructor Edward Holland.

When was your first exhibit? 

My first exhibit was a group art exhibition during college at James Madison University in 2005.

Where are you currently exhibiting your artwork? 

I am currently exhibiting in the “Ceres’ Artists Friends Show,” at CERES Gallery in the prestigious Chelsea Gallery District. Ceres Gallery is located at 547 W 27th Street, Suite #201 and the exhibition will be on view through August 13th.

What do you enjoy about sharing your artwork publicly?

I love exhibiting my artwork, as it gives me a chance to share it with so many viewers. Its so great to see people interact and describe their feelings towards each piece. Often, each person has a different perception. It is great getting a variety of reactions.

What is important to you when exhibiting your work? What do you want the viewer to see/feel?

I want the viewer to look at my paintings and have their own experience. My work evokes a lot of emotion for me. This emotional experience is expressed through the texture, the color, and artistic techniques. I want the viewer to see what kind of emotions it brings up for them.

Do you have any future exhibits planned? Where? 

I love doing outdoor art exhibits and plan to do a solo exhibition at the Garden of St. Luke in the Field in the West Village next Spring. It is great having my paintings not only interact with people but also nature.

What advice would you tell a total beginner who feels afraid of taking an art class or they feel they “have no talent”?
Push beyond your fears and go for it! Art can be such a great stress reliever and you never know until you try. TASNY is the best place to experience it as well!

What makes your experience at The Art Studio NY unique and memorable? 
TASNY is such a unique environment in which you are taught life lessons through art and you are always free to explore different emotions and artistic techniques. It is a wonderful setting that relieves stress. It’s not only a place for art classes, it is a community of artists.

How have your art classes allowed you to relax and relieve stress? 
The Art Studio NY has such genuine people who attend and teach the art classes so you already feel relaxed and welcomed just walking in! That, combined with a nurturing environment while I paint, definitely helps me relieve stress.

Why did you start taking art classes at The Art Studio NY?
I started taking classes at TASNY in the summer of 2012. I work as a graphic designer during the day, but I wanted to find an art class that could help ignite my creativity and passion in fine art again. 

What class/es did you take, and what classes are you currently taking? 
I take and continue to take Edward Holland’s FOR THE NEXT LEVEL: PAINTING, SELF-EXPRESSION, and MULTIMEDIA II

What is something you have achieved because of your art classes that you never thought you could?
I am more vulnerable in expressing and releasing my emotions though paint. 
I also have been more experimental with my art through color, art medium and style. 

What are you most proud of when it comes to your artistic journey?
I would say I am most proud of how much I have grown artistically. From trying out different mediums to exhibiting my work more frequently, it continues to be an amazing journey.

What fears have you overcome, on and off the canvas, since starting to paint?
I would say the fear of everything needing to be perfect. It is still a challenge, but since being at TASNY, I’ve been able to push past that every class in releasing emotions through my art and then letting it speak for itself. It is a vulnerable feeling and much more rewarding in the end.
How have your art classes changed your life, either in your art or your everyday life? 
Art classes have definitely changed my life for the better. My art classes at TASNY have reignited my passion for fine art which in turn has helped me be more creative in my career as a graphic designer. It’s great to see my artistic journey continue to evolve, and I can’t wait to see where it will go in the future.
Trust This Process by Jenny Casey
Trust THIS Process

Rouge by Jenny Casey

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