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Art Student Testimonial – Julie Kourie

When did you start taking art classes at The Art Studio NY?

I started taking art classes in May of this year when I took some time off before starting my new job. I took art as a subject for a while in high school and always loved it. The first thing I did when I knew I’d have time off is sign up for art classes.

What classes did you take?

I convinced my husband to go to a BYOB Painting Party, which he ended up enjoying as much as I did (and we didn’t even drink that much wine). I also took a few Painting Fundamentals classes with Jake, who recommended that I take his evening classes once I started my new job. I now attend weekly evening classes with Jake, which I am so enjoying. I’m currently working on an oil painting of flowers that will take me many weeks to complete. Despite my general impatience, it’s so rewarding to see my progress each week and to keep learning new techniques. My art classes have also inspired me to resume sketching in my own time. I recently purchased a book that is teaching me to sketch cartoons.

What is your most memorable ART experience? 

In a recent Painting Fundamentals class at The Art Studio NY,  I learned new painting techniques- including dry brush, and I worked alongside a fabulous group of women. I also vividly recall learning various sketching and painting techniques from my grandmother who was a very talented artist.

What inspires you?

Strong, ambitious, hardworking women. I’ve been lucky to come from a strong line of women in my family, and to have worked for many talented women (and men) who have become my mentors.

What is your favorite quote or song at the moment? 

Brave by Sara Bareilles. It took some courage for me to totally change my career path recently, and this song inspired me to take the leap (and I’m so pleased that I did).

Name one spot you’d love to travel to with a brush & a canvas? 

My grandmother went on many art tours around the world. I remember her telling me how beautiful and inspiring the Algarve Coast in Portugal was and her artwork reflected that. I’d love to hone in on my painting skills, and make a trip there with paintbrushes and a canvas!

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