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Student Spotlight: Karla Bonne – Tha Art Studio NY

When did you start taking art classes at The Art Studio NY, and why did you begin to take classes?

I started taking classes in January of 2016.  Taking a drawing class was on my bucket list, but I was always a little intimidated.  I saw that The Art Studio NY offered Fear-Free Drawing Class and decided to take it.  

What class/es did you take, and what classes are you currently taking?

I have been taking the Fear-Free Drawing Class since January. I now bring in photos of what I want to work on, and my teacher, Michelle A., helps me individually.  It often feels like private art lessons within a class! During the summer, I also started taking the Drawing Class at the MET. I am now taking both classes. 

What makes your experience at The Art Studio NY unique and memorable? 

Michelle Asarch has been my teacher since the beginning, and she is great. There is a weekly art class lesson with specific techniques, and then everyone works on what interests them individually.  The teacher then gives individual instruction to every person in the class, so everything is very personalized.The other students I have met are great and all are so supportive! 

What is something you have achieved because of your art classes that you never thought you could?

I did not think I had talent, but I do!!!  It is all about learning to see things in a new way. 

What are you most proud of when it comes to your artistic journey? 

I get so excited when what I am working on comes out so much better than I thought it could.  But, most of all, my art classes have become a type of meditation for me.  The time flies by, and I am so happy and calm when finished.  It totally relieves my stress and allows me to relax. 

Have your art classes changed your life, either in your art or your everyday life? 

The art classes have actually boosted my confidence. My family has noticed how happy it makes me. 

What advice would you tell a total beginner who feels afraid of taking an art class or they feel they “have no talent”? 

Totally go for it!  A lot of art is about learning how to look and see things. A large part of drawing is a learned ability. The Art Studio NY staff is totally supportive of all. I am so happy that I started taking drawing classes at The Art Studio NY.

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13-Jun-2017 12:38 AM

Marvin klein

I am so proud of Karla.
13-Jun-2017 09:52 PM

Jacquelyn M Adams

Absolutely beautiful Karla. Glad you enjoy