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Student Spotlight – Valentina

When did you start creating at The Art Studio NY?
I started taking classes at The Art Studio NY in August 2015.

How has ART helped you in your life?
Art helps me relax, and it helps me to get to know myself better every day. I try to be spontaneous every time I start a piece, and I think that is how I let my soul and my feelings speak up!

What’s your favorite medium?
My favorite medium is acrylic, but I really enjoy working with collage and watercolor too.

What is your most memorable ART experience?
A few years ago, some friends and I made this HUGE painting. I really enjoyed working as a group. We had an idea that we wanted to communicate trough the final piece and the process was really interesting, as we had to put all our creativity together and be patient with each other, but the result was great and we had a lot of fun doing it.

What artist inspires you?
One painter that inspires me is Matisse, I enjoy the way he uses colors and shapes by making them the essential parts of his paintings. Another one is Frida Kahlo, I really like her story, all though it is a tough one!

What inspires your artwork?
Mostly what inspires me is nature, flowers and leaves.

Where would you love to travel to with a brush and a canvas?
I would love to go to Bali or to an Island in Greece with my brushes, my acrylics and a really big canvas!

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