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Studying Art Is Really Just Studying Yourself

We are all artists and most of us don’t even know it.


Art, in simplified terms, is just expression.

Hanging up posters of your favorite band expresses who you are through the music that resonates with you.

Cooking dinner for your family is a way to express your love and affection for them.

Photographing a particular scene expresses the desire to remember that particular moment forever.


Many physical and mental health benefits are linked to artistic practice. 

Just one google search will bring up enough articles about it to keep you reading until quarantine ends. There’s plenty of literature written on that subject by people way more qualified than me. So instead, I’ll share a quick anecdote.


My grandmother was a very feisty lady. When she passed away, I was faced with the typical existential anguish we all experience when a loved one passes. I felt grief, guilt, sorrow, fear, distress- all of these emotions just swirled around in my brain, making me feel as though I was a prisoner of my own mind. 


Then one day I found a beautiful photograph of my grandmother from a vacation we took together. I thought this picture was so beautiful it just had to be a painting. I wanted to give the painting to my grandfather because I knew he was also having a hard time dealing with her loss.  So I picked up a paintbrush and got to work.


As I painted, I could feel the emotions that have been tormenting me travel from within my brain, to my hand, onto the paintbrush, to then be deposited onto the canvas by the oil paint. 


The emotions were no longer disrupting my mental peace because they now existed on the canvas.

I turned an invisible foe into a tangible art piece . Through my own art, I was able to express my love for my late grandmother, and share a vulnerable experience with my grandfather. 

My grandmother, Haydee Jimenez.


TASNY’s goal is primarily to teach the technical applications of art- how to use your medium as a tool to craft the elusive visions within the mind. But it is more than that; it is a community, it is a support group, it is a home. 

One of my many mantras are, “I want to be a blessing to everyone I meet”.

I think this exists in TASNY’s philosophy as well. We want to help improve each one of our students’ lives by creating a nurturing, welcoming environment- a safe space to be vulnerable. By providing online art lessons, TASNY acts as a catalyst for new friendships, new ideas, and a new You. By simply logging on to Zoom, you can enter a place to learn how to create a palpable expression of who you are so you can share it with the world, just like I shared my expression with my grandfather. 


I love this butterfly that our student Onagh painted during Rebecca’s online art class on Sunday nights.

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And here’s Onagh’s kitty lazily enjoying our virtual art lesson 🙂