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Next time you want to host a creative and unique event, think of The Art Studio NY! Art is for every age, and we can accommodate a birthday party for children all the way to a senior citizen painting party! We even host Bachelorette Painting Parties, which are always a blast! In recent years, we've enjoyed bringing our art classes to many corporations in the Manhattan area. This fun activity helps coworkers bond and creates a different atmosphere from the regular office.  

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I must confess, I love throwing things away. The physical and emotional act of letting go floods my body with a giddy sensation of freedom and weightlessness that is a true delight! On the contrary, the sight of endless emails in my inbox pumps anxiety through my veins, and an overload of physical objects, papers and tchotchkies just make me plain dizzy. As my dear mother would say, "Why do you need that? It's just going to collect dust. Get rid of it!" I couldn't agree more. At this stage of my life, I realize that the "things" I need the most are within me, right inside of my heART. That's where I store my most valuable treasures. 

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