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The Art Studio NY

#1 Rated Art Classes in New York City!

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When a 20's-something,open-eyed young woman strolled into The Art Studio NY one year ago, I would have never guessed how her life would transform. One New York City summer later, art has changed Amanda's life in ways she could not have imagined. 

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Merge your brain's left and right hemispheres, and you will get an ARTrepreneur, a business savvy go-getter that is dedicated to making our world a better place through creativity and heART. Recently, Business Coach, CEO of The Round Table Business, and a very pleased art student from one of my prior painting retreats in Italy, Rena DeLevie (Her clients? Think JCrew, JPMorganChase, Cole Haan, and my personal favorite, David Yurman) shot me a quick email with a list of ARTrepreneur business questions about The Art Studio NY. In a nutshell, Rena's email asked me how important questions about how I built my art business in New York City. She was hoping to receive answers that would ultimately help her in coaching a new up-and-coming musician. 

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