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To every season, change. To every day, change. As the artist of your life, you have the freedom to choose how you respond and interact with change. An artist, you have creative power in every moment. Do you accept change? Do you fight change? Do you embrace change? Do you fear change? 

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Recently, I sat down with renowned journalist for The Huffington Post, Laura Cococcia. Laura had the courage to reignite her artistic flame through art classes at The Art Studio NY after not having picked up a paintbrush in, well, a long time. She then picked my brain, ART and soul, and her interview with me is published in The Huffington Post (and for your convenience, you may scroll down and have a read right here!). I was surprised at how long it took me to respond to her questions about my life as an artist and Founder of The Art Studio NY (she sent them in January, I responded in May!). Clearly, it was time for me to reassess why I do what I do, why art continues to be a driving factor in my life, and what really inspires me, and challenges me, today. I needed time to turn off my artistic autopilot to do some creative soul searching of my own.  

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Acrylic and Mixed-Media Painting, 20" x 20", Rebecca Schweiger, 2013

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