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TASNY’s Global Community Grows with Online Art Classes

Our virtual art classes make New York enrichment accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world.

The Art Studio NY has had the pleasure of serving its neighborhood in the Upper West Side for about 15 years now. We are a place for children to hang out after school, a place for retirees to spend their mornings, and a place for friends to unwind with a bottle of wine after a long day at the office. 


As TASNY grew through the years, one of our biggest “problems” (albeit, a good problem) is we just didn’t have enough space for all the students who wanted to be a part of our studio. Who knew the solution was right under our nose!
TASNY initially made the transformation to zoom art classes to keep up with the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to continue to provide a much needed outlet to our students, many of whom have been taking art lessons with us for years. 


In doing so, we accidentally discovered that TASNY can provide that same outlet to more than just New Yorkers. 

Within the first week of switching to art classes online, we began receiving registrations from folks in Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida, and more. I remember being so excited to see inquiries coming in from other states. Eventually, we started getting registrations from people in Canada, Italy, the Caribbean, even India and Australia! I thought, how cool is that? We have people interested in our little studio from thousands of miles away.


TASNY is more than just art lessons, it is a community.

And apparently, it took closing our physical location to see just how strong that community really is. People are now able to get the NYC art studio experience from literally anywhere in the world. Zoom art classes online are the perfect way to meet people with similar interests as you no matter where you are located.

It’s a place for you to make a new friend, share a laugh, and mingle with people who may offer a new perspective from their side of the globe. 


Check out our class schedule to see which Zoom art lesson is best fitted for you!