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2020 seems to be an era of division.

Time seems to have been divided into two parts; Pre-Covid and Post-Covid. Everyone’s world as they once knew it has been shattered. With destruction, however, comes creation. 

Learning to live in a Covid-19 society has not been an easy transition for anyone.  Our sense of connection has been stripped from us seemingly overnight. We went from seeing our loved ones almost every day, to being alone for months on end. We have all made immense sacrifices to keep ourselves, our families, and our neighbors safe by staying home as often as possible.

This is temporary.

The world will not remain in turmoil forever. Either Covid-19 will disappear eventually or we will learn how to be at peace with it. In fact, it has been about 8 months since the initial Covid-19 shut down in the United States and we are already starting to adapt to this new reality. Over the first few months of the pandemic, I kept telling myself “… when things go back to normal…” I have now replaced that notion with

“… this is the new normal!”

We have virtual profiles, virtual hangouts, virtual jobs, virtual parties, virtual schooling… We now experience the world almost entirely through a screen!

As of last month, The Art Studio NY closed their studio in the Upper West Side– the location where they have served the community since it was founded over 16 years ago. What a bittersweet feeling it was to turn off the lights at the studio for the final time. Bitter, because it is the end of an era. Sweet, because with each ending comes a new beginning. We are without a physical studio, but we are also without restrictions. We are now bigger than we’ve ever been! We are no longer just The Art Studio NY, we have gone way beyond the Upper West Side.

Now is a time to heal.

The discomfort we are experiencing will be but a memory one day. Now is the time to be easy on yourself and be easy on those around you. Remain in control of your happiness, let yourself enjoy peace.

Are you feeling anxious? Stressed? Or maybe just bored? Connect with the global art community and take a relaxing virtual art class! Both kids and adults can benefit from putting aside at least an hour each week to do something just for themselves. The fantastic thing about art is that afterwards, you will have something tangible to show for it!

Here at The Art Studio NY, our mission is to create a sense of community through the practice of art. When you sign up for one of our multi-week classes, you can now bring a friend with you FOR FREE! Share the love, create together. To take advantage of this offer, please visit our adult class calendar to see what multiple week classes we have available for you.

We are The Art Studio USA.

Thanks to technology, we now have students join in from almost every continent on the globe!