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How to Create a Life You Love

by Rebecca Schweiger | Feb 10 | @releaseyourcreativity

The healing journey of self-development and personal growth is a winding pathway to home. Home within yourself.

At times a steep climb and at others a gentle summer’s rain, you learn to get out of your own way. You strip away the layers that were not ever yours to begin with. False beliefs handed down from generations, traumas acted out onto you that were never about you, all of the times you were told no when your soul needed a yes.

Like an onion, peel them away. Bless and thank each layer of intelligent self-protection, and then let it go. With each release, you become lighter. Freer. You’re one step closer to home.

The parts of you that need changing often get so loud that denial is no longer an option; they’re (you’re) ready for alchemy. The parts of you that have known home get clearer, truer.

10 years ago, I posted this poem. It speaks to me even more today than it did then. It’s home.

“We are not valuable because we are a member of a certain group or because
we call God by a certain name. We are not valuable because we follow a
guru or observe a certain diet. We are valuable because we are a spark of
the divine. And the only thing Gurus, priests, rabbis and elders can do
for us is point us back in the direction of home, and home is, of course, within.”
~Darren John Main

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May be art

May be art

May be art