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The Power of THE ASK

How to Create a Life You Love

by Rebecca Schwieger | March 4 | @relseaseyourcreativity

It was a girl friend crush at first site when


and I met over 15 years ago in NYC. I even still remember what I was wearing.

Recently, Ya-Ya asked in her fun-loving (yet serious) way, “Rebex, if you paint flowers in your next Sunday night class, can I have the painting?”
Translation: Rebecca, will you please paint a watercolor floral and gift it to me?
Last night in “The Art Class”, I created this watercolor painting. It now belongs to Yael. Today, she ordered a frame.
If you don’t ask? A guaranteed rejection from yourself to yourself, and disconnection from what you desire.
Ask for what you want and need. At worst, the answer will be no, and you’ll be better for it, knowing now to seek elsewhere. At best, you’ll flex your courage muscles, learn, grow, say yes to yourself and hear yes from another.
Either way, you win by asking.
May be a closeup of rose