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Start Painting to Overcome Fear

Everything new is scary. Do you avoid new experiences because of fear?

If you said no, you’re lying. Everyone does.

HERE’S A SECRET TO REMEMBER: EVERYONE is afraid of anything new.

Original Painting by Rebecca Schweiger

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone in my art studio say, “I’ve wanted to take a painting class for years, but I’m sooo afraid!” or “I am longing to explore my self-expression, but I’m so afraid. I can’t figure out where to start!”

What’s with the fear?! It’s simple. Your brain responds to any new experience with the fight or flight method. Even if you are 100% sure you will enjoy something new, your brain will still respond with a fear response. It’s just the way our human bodies were created. Do you allow this feeling to scare you away from what you want? DON’T.

The trick? Fear is just a passing feeling, just like an itch on your face or a tingle in your toe. Train yourself to feel the fear and do it anyway, and you will set yourself up for success. Get to know the feeling of fear, bring it along for the ride for a short period of time, and watch how it will dissipate as you passively accept a few extra anxious heartbeats.

Afraid of a painting class? Fear no more. In this FREE painting video, learn about what you need to stART painting, and kiss that fear goodbye once and for all.


Don’t let fear stop you. It is only a temporary feeling that will pass as soon as your brain learns that what you’ve chosen as “new” is indeed safe.

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