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by Rebecca Schwieger | July 29 | @releaseyourcreativity 

How to Create A Life You Love

Creativity is a spiritual practice and force that returns you to the truth: YOU are a creator. In art, and in daily living, the artist within you forms an alliance with the Creator of the Universe.
Your inner-creativity is your greatest gift. This divine spark is life’s most powerful instrument, and it lives in and through you. Every moment, you have the power to create a life of your wildest dreams.
There is little distinction between creativity and spirituality, it’s one and the same. When you open yourself up to the natural creativity that is within you, you align with more joy, peace, freedom and strength. You own your true power.
Creativity is love in action.
Repeat this to yourself now three times, and say it daily until you believe it and live it. “I was born to be happy, healthy and free. What I want, wants me. I am a true creator. I am here to express the true me.”
May be art of Rebecca Schweiger, tree, mountain and nature
May be art of tree and nature