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I received a letter in the mail yesterday with a message that I cannot stop thinking about. It moved me so much that I need to share it with you. As 2013 closes and the blank canvas of 2014 begins, please remember the following:

"This is the season of miracles. We are asked to reflect and appreciate all that has blessed our lives. Your MERE EXISTENCE IS THE GREATEST GIFT .It is an absolute miracle that all of your ancestors survived, by design or change, to reproduce and create yet another. SO HERE YOU ARE, FULL OF POSSIBILITY AND CREATIVITY.You've always beaten the odds. May your journey into the new year reflect the miracle that is you." (written by Sydney Mulligan)

As 2014 is born, so are your new dreams and desires. Here are 5 ways to make your dreams come true in 2014.

1. QUIET DOWN: Creativity requires incubation periods where new ideas are born. Give yourself quiet time ask yourself, "What do I truly desire in this new year?"

2. VISUALIZE: SEE yourself, detailed in your imagination, embarking upon new experiences that are meaningful to you. Start planting the seeds of your new dreams and desires and SEE them as realities starting to take place.

3. ACTION: Ideas without action are dead ends. What action steps will you take to support the actualization of your dreams? On a piece of paper out, write out a timeline for action steps towards your dreams. Make it real and measurable.

4. CREATE: Creativity is the force within you that turns dreams into realities. Creativity is vision in action. Commit to at least one action step per week, and mark it in your calendar so you are accountable.

5. GRATITUDE: An attitude of gratitude fills you with appreciation for where you've been, where you are, and where you are going. Before going to sleep every night, think of 5 things you are grateful for. The more you practice your gratitude, the more you will celebrate every step of your dreams coming true.

The Art Studio NY wishes you and your loved ones a new year of your dreams coming true!

Painting by Rebecca Schweiger, 48" x 60", Mixed Media on Canvas, 2013

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