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One of my dad’s favorite episodes of Seinfeld is the Bubble Boy episode. Ever since I was a kid I thought the idea of Bubble Boy was hysterically absurd. Well, I wouldn’t have laughed if I knew in 2020 we would all be living like Bubble Boy.

I think all of us are going to remember the week before the NYC lockdown until the day we die.  

There was an air of anxiety that hovered over the city. With every passing day, the streets became less and less populated. We all had that one friend ‘who has a friend who knows someone who works for Cuomo’ and they warned us: “Go to the store, buy supplies for a month, they’re going to shut everything down.” 

Some of us were panicking, some of us thought it was all baloney, but really, we just didn’t know what to expect. While a lot of tragedy has followed this unprecedented event, I am one to look on the bright side of things and I will say there’s a silver lining to everything. 

Because of the global pandemic, Zoom has become a household name seemingly overnight. Zoom is now the number one software for “modern enterprise video communications”. Here we are, emerging out of the golden age of technology. Almost our whole country began operating virtually in just a few short weeks. During this time, there’s a lot of talk about what is essential and what is not. Something that is missing from the conversation is the essentiality of human connection. Human interaction is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. 

When TASNY first made the announcement that we will be operating online in reaction to the Stay At Home orders, we had a few doubters. “What’s the point of online classes? I can just watch a video on youtube or something.”

Anyone who’s taken an art class knows it is so much more than just instruction and demonstration.

It is a dialogue, it is an exchange of ideas. It is time that you specifically set aside to work on something for yourself. It is a place to nourish the creative being that exists within you.

Zoom is a software that will instantly connect you with anyone anywhere by sharing a link or using a meeting ID number. It is a brilliant innovation that has proven itself to be an incredible resource. 

Zoom art classes are a fabulous way to learn something new and meet new people literally from your living room. TASNY is here to provide you with the environment to not just improve upon your skills, but to connect with the world around you. Zoom art lessons are a platform to access the in-studio experience, right from the comfort of your own home.