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by Rebecca Schwieger | June 22 | @releaseyourcreativity 

How to Create a Life You Love

The Art Studio NY is NOT your regular art class. “Normal” doesn’t fit us.
We are a family, a tribe, and we care. About you. Each other. We are a community of non-artists-turned-artists-because-everyone-is-creative-deep-down. We are learners, yearners, growers, questioners, deep divers, dreamers, humans in it together,
We. Are. A. Place. Where. Everyone. Is. Welcome. Just as you are. A safe space to exhale and just BE YOU.
When the entire world is pushing you to be someone else, to fit in and fit molds we just weren’t made for, to please everyone, we have your back. We want you to be you, and to express, the true you, with art as your elixir and magic wand.
This art studio home doesn’t happen by itself. Many hands and hearts work on and in it tirelessly. We are at it in the morning and night and across time zones and weekends and during pandemics and lockdowns and while the world reopens and closes and sort-of-opens-but-what-now’s.
Lindsay Eller, artist and art educator extraordinaire, is part of the magic… she is adored by her students around the world, her colleagues, and now…. her baby boy!

to Lindsay on the birth of her son, Elowen!

As the Earth continues to turn, we at The Art Studio NY WELCOME THIS NEW LIFE!