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The Importance of Art for Kids

Eating your veggies, exercising, and good hygiene are all very important for a healthy lifestyle, but in our hustle bustle world we often forget about nurturing our soul! ART is healthy, and there have been multiple studies that have proven the tremendous benefits to art classes and creativity. We often encourage children to express themselves through art because it teaches them many valuable skills, but we cannot ignore the importance art has in our adult life! What has ART taught you?

We’ve compiled a few reasons ART is important & what creativity can teach you!

1. Problem Solving:
Art nurtures you creative and problem solving abilities. Turn that canvas upside down, give your brain a break, and BAM you can find solutions. Also, when you make beautiful mistakes in paintings you start to find creative ways to fix that big blotch of spilled paint on your beautiful flower you just spent hours painting!

2. Patience:
These days we are used to getting that instant gratification. With art, when you develop a painting, and put the time into your work, you begin to appreciate that patience it takes for something beautiful come together.

3. Communication:
Art can help express what cannot be said in words. As children we are often taught to use materials such as crayons to share our feelings, but even as adults using words is not always easy, and painting a picture can describe deep thoughts and emotions.

4. Making a Difference:
Learning to create can enforce the idea within ourselves, that we can create, and thus make a difference. It also shows that even a small difference can have a big impact. For instance, change the color of the background of a painting can change the entire mood!

5. Experience:
We are often using the same senses on a daily basis, but when we use untapped parts of our mind, or use our hands in new ways we are experiencing something different. Exploration gives courage to new experiences.

Start Creating at Find nurturing art classes to boost your soul and confidence!

What has art taught out? Share it with us!

The Art Studio NY offers art classes for kids and adults. Including – Summer Art Camp for Kids, oil painting classes, BYOB Painting Parties, drawing classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park, and MORE! Every level is welcome to explore and create!

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