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Daily Painting – Kids Artwork

“Return again, return again, return to the land of your soul.” 
-S. Carlebach 

It’s no secret that art makes us feel alive. Art is the magical potion that brings meaning, fulfillment and wonder to every age and culture from the beginning of time. The cavemen knew just what they were doing when they etched into those caves! 

This summer, I returned again to the land of my soul. I returned to my art studio in New York, I returned to my daily painting practice, and I returned to what makes me feel so, so alive. Painting makes me come alive.
As August comes to a close and we enter a new month, ask yourself: WHAT MAKES ME COME ALIVE?
Put your excuses aside (I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I don’t have xyz) and DO what makes YOU come alive. That’s why you’re here on earth. Period. 

I’m not the only one who returned to the land of my soul this summer. I was joined by dozens of budding artists, children and adults alike, who took action on returning to their joy. Art has a way of bringing smiles and grace to those to dare to paint.
In our children’s art classes and art camps in New York City, kids brought the playful inspirational that defines “coming alive”. The artwork they created could blow your mind. Children are hardwired to follow their bliss, kids naturally do what makes them come alive. 

Rekindle your inner-fire and commit to doing one thing that makes you come ALIVE.
Leave a comment below and inspire others as you share what makes YOU come alive.

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