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How to Create A Life You Love

by Rebecca Schweiger| Dec 15 | #theartstudiony

Be nice. Be kind. Give to others. Save the world. Don’t be selfish.

While you strive to be good, make others happy, and be well-liked, what appears “spiritual” might just be martyrdom in a “nice guy/nice gal” suit.
If it requires self-abandonment and self-deprivation, caring for others is not so caring after all. We have learned that nurturing ourselves, identifying our true needs and honoring our true nature is selfish. How wrong this is.
Remember the mantra of every flight attendant. Place your own oxygen mask on yourself first before assisting others.

In Julia Cameron’s bestseller The Artist’s Way (my personal pandemic highlight), she shares, “Afraid to appear selfish, we lose our self. Many people, caught in the virtue trap, do not appear to be self-destructive to the casual eye. Bent on being good husbands, fathers, mothers, wives, teachers, whatevers, they have constructed a false self that looks good to the world and meets with a lot of worldly approval. We refuse to ask ourselves, ‘What are my needs? What would I do if it weren’t too selfish?’”


Saying yes to yourself isn’t selfish. It’s self-loving. Fill your cup, let it overflow, and only then can you generously pour into the glasses of others.

What would you do if it wasn’t “selfish”? Carve out time to do those things that nourish your true self. The world will thank you for it.