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Why art is important – The importance of art in our life

A dose of art each day is really IMPORTANT. 

You most likely brush your teach every morning, shower, eat breakfast, perhaps work out and do many other things to take care of yourself physically every day. How often are you taking care of your soul each day? Imagine if you could spend 15 minutes each morning on your soul – What would you do? Would you singe a couple songs? Paint? Draw? Meditate? How would your day change if your morning started out with something nurturing and creative? 

More and more studies find that art improves brain function, memory, social skills, and overall happiness. You can read more about the benefits here. Since we know art is important, why not incorporate more in our daily lives? Put some crayons or colored pencils near your desk at work an take a 5 minute coffee break with your dose of art, or make it part of your morning routine to nurture your soul. 

Rebecca Schweiger, Artist and Founder of The Art Studio NY gets her daily dose of art. Here are a couple of her recent artworks to inspire your next creation! Even if you are already taking an art class once a week, there can never be enough art in your life. You can pick any medium that you love, and start creating! 

 Daily dose of Art - Art classes in NYC

Acrylic, Pencil, and Collage on Paper. 

acyrlic and collage painting of dog - art class in nyc

Acrylic, Collage, and Newspaper.

Bird Painting - mixed media art class in NYC

Acrylic and Pencil. 

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