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Why I Keep on Painting

By Tracey Vorus 
I came to painting accidentally. I didn’t expect to love painting as much as I do, but it has become the best part of my week. As a teenager, I spent time drawing and exploring crochet and needlework… but I stopped all of it when I went to college. 

Over the decades, I’ve dabbled in other creative activities like cooking and knitting, yet none were entirely fulfilling. Recently, I needed something new to channel a sudden (middle-age?) intensification of a creative juices. 
Between the demands of work and children, there is so little time to clear my head and have time for my own experience. As a mother of two boys, a psychotherapist with a full-time practice, and a wife, I have one big crazy schedule. When I spotted the 11 am Oil Painting Class at The Art Studio NY, I jumped on it! That was three years ago, and there hasn’t been a semester I’ve missed yet.
Besides a way to express my creativity, painting has become an escape and a form of meditation.  That is what painting provides: time to slow down, focus on what is in front of me, and reflect on shape, color, movement, stillness, composition, materials, and anything else I can think up.
I can commit to something, and then completely change my mind; it is entirely up to meIt’s soothing and energizing and relaxing and exciting, all at the same time.
I feel quite proud of the work I do and I can’t believe how much I’ve developed in such a short period of time. I also didn’t expect the way in which the class has developed into its own little community. We are all such different people, of divergent backgrounds and personalities, with skill levels and artistic bents all over the map. But we all provide great support, friendship and honest feedback for each other, and The Art Studio NY has become real artistic home for me.

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