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Why art is important – Benefits of art – The Art Studio NY

“Push beyond your fears and go for it! Art can be such a great stress reliever and you never know until you try. TASNY is the best place to experience it as well!” – Jenny Casey

Artwork by Gary Young

Thinking about taking an adult art class? Why wait? If you haven’t taken art classes in 10 years or 50 years, we’ve got you. We rounded up some great reasons to start taking an art class today! 

1. It Will Make You Fearless

“The biggest fear is the fear of failure. With life, if you fail, you pick yourself up by the bootstraps and move forward, while on a canvas you realize it’s just paint. You learn from your failures.” – Gary Young
“It is a unique experience for me because it allows me to break away from my fear of making something perfect without flaws and my fear of painting. It is a very freeing feeling and an important tool for me.” – Vicky Wilchinsky

2. It’s Nurturing “ME TIME”

Many of our students come to The Art Studio NY to have a moment to themselves and nurture their creative souls. Often times they have many obligations that require them to take care of others. Their time at the studio is their time to care for themselves. This time is so special to them that many students don’t like to share this creative haven with their friends, and they keep it a secret! 

“I began taking total beginner art classes at The Art Studio NY more than two years ago. I thought I didn’t have a creative bone in my body… I was wrong! These art classes have completed transformed my life. Painting brings me great joy and is an outlet for an untapped creativity within me that I don’t access daily in my corporate financial industry. The Art Studio NY is a nurturing and safe environment to explore and hone the artist within.” – Rita R.

3. It’s Relaxing

With all the hustle and bustle of the city, we all need some time to relax. 

“When I am in my art class, I block out all outside influences and concentrate on what is in front of me. There is a meditative state I achieve while painting that clears my mind.” – Gary Young

I come into the studio, I forget everything….stress extinguished!!!” – Vicky Wilchinsky

4. It’s Educational

Did you know that learning something new boosts your confidence? What could be more fun than learning to paint or draw? Not only does learning help your ego, but it science also says it helps prevent Alzheimers Disease. Basically, it’s a win win. 

“In a recent Painting Fundamentals class at The Art Studio NY,  I learned new painting techniques- including dry brush, and I worked alongside a fabulous group of women. I also vividly recall learning various sketching and painting techniques from my grandmother who was a very talented artist.” – Julie Kourie

5. It IGNITES More Creativity! 

You can’t use up creativity. The more you create the more those juices just keep on flowing! 

“I started taking classes at TASNY in the summer of 2012. I work as a graphic designer during the day, but I wanted to find an art class that could help ignite my creativity and passion in fine art again. My art classes at TASNY have reignited my passion for fine art which in turn has helped me be more creative in my career as a graphic designer.” – Jenny Casey  

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