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Art for Children – Kids Doing Art

Do you remember your first art class? Maybe you got to play with some crayons or finger paint. You felt free, excited, maybe even a little nervous. You were thinking, “What is this odd texture?” “What should I draw?” You went for it! There were no expectations to be perfect, no rules, except maybe trying not to spill all the glue. You were having a great time, and no matter what you created, it was perfect in your eyes. What happened as you got older? There were more rules. You were taught to color within the lines, that an apple can’t be purple, it’s red or green. Basically, your imagination was slowly being “corrected.” 

At The Art Studio NY, we do our best to give every child, and adult, an uplifting and nurturing creative experience. Art should be about self-expression. Imagine if Monet and Picasso listened to all the critics that thought their paintings were gibberish? That is why we try to give all of our students the opportunity to learn, but at the same time the freedom to create and express. Our Art Summer Camps in NYC offer daily activities where children learn about artists that “dared” to try something different and didn’t always follow artistic rules. Children can enjoy an art workshop creating their own masterpiece, while learning about Andy Warhol, Magritte, or Van Gogh.

Give your child the gift of creativity! They will love it. 

Kids creating their own Gustav Klimt paintings with mixed media

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