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You can draw! That’s True with our Drawing Tips

So you think you can’t draw? If you have been heard saying the following phrases, then you better scroll down and practice the 3 TIPS TO PROVE YOU CAN DRAW.

“I can’t draw!”

“I can’t even draw a straight line.”

“I can’t even draw a stick figure.”

“I am the WORST artist.”

I beg to differ, and I can prove you wrong. EVERYONE CAN DRAW, and that is a promise. If you follow my three tips for learning how to draw, expect to be drawing within a week. 

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1. Take a beginner’s drawing classYou proclaim that you can’t draw, yet when I ask you “When was the last time you spent time drawing?”, what’s your response? “20 years ago”, “in 4th Grade” or “Never!”. TIP ONE: Take a drawing class that will nurture you, and choose a teacher that will inspire you. There’s no substitution for an excellent teacher. The Art Studio NY is known for warm and encouraging art instructors as well as our #1-Rated Beginner Drawing Classes in New York City.

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2. Take it one line at a time. Learning to draw, or for that matter, learning to do ANYTHING, doesn’t happen overnight! When you draw, look for simple shapes such as circles and squares. Drawing is one little line connected to another little line. When you break it down, all you really need to know how to draw is a dash mark! Practice with letters of the alphabet first. The letter “A” is three straight lines which eventually connect. The letter B is two curved lines connected with one straight line. Find simple objects around your house, and practice sketching, one line at a time. 

3. Why are you drawing anyway? Focus on what matters. Our culture is product oriented, and we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves when drawing. Artistic expression is about the PROCESS NOT PRODUCT. Will every drawing be wonderful? No! Can most drawing experiences be nurturing, fulfilling and enlightening? YES! Focus on what matters. The meaningful experiences of drawing (and in life) is what is most important, not the end products. 

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What do YOU love most about drawing, and what tips do you have for beginners to drawingPlease share below in the comments section! 

Happy summer and happy drawing.

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