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You Don’t Know and it’s NOT Okay!

How to Create a Life that You Love

by Rebecca Schweiger | Nov 11 | #control

Control. You want it. You want to know what you’re doing, where you’re going, how you’ll get there and by when you’ll arrive. In other words, the comfort of control makes you feel safe. You aim to tell yourself and those you love, “Honey, it’s going to be OK, I’ve got the answer.”
The problem is, you’re lying. No one is always in control, life isn’t always safe, and there’s no promise that everything will always be okay. In fact, life promises the opposite.
The spiritual practice of painting requires letting go of control. In art, and life, when things aren’t OK, we learn how to be resilient. When we make mistakes, we learn how to bounce back and create richness. Messes lead to clarity, hurts lead to forgiveness, and tears water the soil for our own growth.

When you accept that you don’t know, a freedom is born.

Suddenly, every possibility is available to you. Not knowing and
not-OK-ness build inner strength, self trust, and the ability to surrender to, and to make meaning from, what life delivers to your doorstep.
“Life is not safe, and so our task is not to promise our kids there will be no turbulence. It’s to assure them that when the turbulence comes, we will all hold hands and get through it together. We do not promise them a heartache-free life, but we do assure them that the slings and arrows won’t kill them— in fact, they will make them kinder, wiser, more resilient. We look them right in the eye, point them to their pain, and say: “Don’t be afraid, baby. You were born to do this.” -Glennon Doyle
Whether you know or don’t, whether you’re OK or you’re not, life has brought you to this very moment. Surrender to it and let it become your wisest teacher and deepest gift. #theartclass #selfexpression