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How to Create A Life You Love

by Rebecca Schwieger | Jan 27 | @releaseyourcreativity

During this COVID time, I’ve identified life goals- from work priorities to community to relationships to living in nature- where I’ve been hungry to grow, evolve and change for MANY years…. and either fear, old false beliefs (which seem so convincing!) or lack of time (excuses!) kept getting in my way (aka, I was getting in MY own way!).

So, I decided it was time to call in the troops and upgrade my team. It takes a village, and you’ll benefit by creating your very own personalized team of cheerleaders, healers, helpers, coaches, mentors, truth tellers, family, friends, and lovers. Only you know who gets to be on your team. Remember that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely.

This team is your tribe, and every member is devoted to you being YOUR BEST YOU. They tell you the truth (especially when it’s hard to hear), believe in you, accept and love you (and call you out on your BS), hold the bar high when you’re thriving, and catch your tears when you’re slogging through the messy, hard stuff.

In a conversation with one of my “teammates” yesterday, I voiced my desire for more time and space. To be. To listen. To make space for “new” that desires to birth through me. And to focus my time doing and being what brings me fulfillment and joy.

Talk can be cheap, action seals the deal.


I ended Tuesday and began today enveloped by a 5’ x 9’ canvas, adding the finishing brushstrokes to this colorful commission. I went to bed with a hot cup of tea while bonding with @michelleobama (highly recommend “Becoming”), and I enter this morning sharing what life keeps teaching me- that leading and living with vulnerability, radical honesty (with yourself first), authenticity and openness is where the magic is.

So go, BE YOU, and compile your team.

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May be art

May be art

May be art