Instructor: Ray Hwang

July 15 - July 29

3 Sessions

Mondays, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Seats Open: 8

It’s not too late. Prorated price!show details +

$129.00 USD  
It’s not too late. Prorated price!show details +

$109.00 USD  Goes On Sale
July 15, 2024
It’s not too late. Prorated price!show details +

$89.00 USD  Goes On Sale
July 22, 2024

NOTE: This is an In-Person Art Class.

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Class Start Date: Monday, July 8

*It’s never too late to create! This art class has already begun, and we welcome new students to join at the prorated cost that reflects the number of weeks remaining in the class. Our instructors will catch you up!.

Calling all creative comic book, manga, and cartoon drawing lovers who are eager to express themselves creatively AND have FUN in the process! In this engaging and inspiring comics, cartoons, and manga drawing art class, learn to express yourself creatively while tapping into your inner artist! Learn the fundamental techniques of drawing comics, cartoons and manga while unlocking your unique artistic voice and personal, authentic self-expression. Explore and discover the tips, tools and techniques necessary for drawing comics, manga and cartoons, and receive both group and individualized expert instruction from a professional artist and educator from our NYC art studio! Our students tell us that our art classes are the BEST part of their week! In this interactive, FUN art class, you will: 

  • Be nurtured and inspired with expert one-on-one joyful, fear-free and non-judgmental art instruction that we're famous for 
  • Learn specific comic, cartoon, and manga drawing techniques combined with the encouragement for personal self-expression
  • Develop a unique, personalized drawing style while learning fundamental subject matter and techniques, including how to draw: Faces, facial features, figures in motion, expressive character design, and characters in unique settings
  • Receive personalized instruction while learning about fundamental drawing techniques including: Story boards, imaginational characters, text bubbles, line quality, mark making, and the creation of your very own comic strips
  • Practice a wide variety of artistic exercises and art vocabulary unique to cartoons, comics, and manga art
  • Explore creativity and imagination through personally expressed unique works of art to feel proud of
  • Gain confidence in the artistic process and boost creative self-esteem
  • Enjoy the data-driven health and wellness benefits of art classes, including increased self-esteem, strengthened focus, stress reduction, anxiety and depression relief, and greater communication skills

Art Class Materials:

Materials are not included.

Purchase supplies from our online materials list.


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