Instructor: Isaac Ruff

March 12 - April 30
7 Sessions

Fridays, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Seats Open: 2

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$274.00 (USD)  
Class in session - Prorated price!show details +

$224.00 (USD)  Goes On Sale
March 12, 2021
Class in session - Prorated price!show details +

$174.00 (USD)  Goes On Sale
March 19, 2021
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$149.00 (USD)  Goes On Sale
March 26, 2021
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$120.00 (USD)  Goes On Sale
April 2, 2021
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$65.00 (USD)  Goes On Sale
April 9, 2021
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$10.00 (USD)  Goes On Sale
April 16, 2021
Class in session - Prorated price!show details +

-$45.00 (USD)  Goes On Sale
April 23, 2021

NOTE: This is an Online Art Class. Our instructors will work with you over high-quality live video and teach you to make art from the comfort of your home. We will return to in-person art classes while continuing online art classes when the uncertainties around Coronavirus are resolved.

NOTE:The Art Studio NY conducts classes from New York City, United States (Eastern Daylight Time)


Read More about your instructor: Isaac Ruff

*This weekly class session has already begun, but it's never too late to create! When available, we keep registration open in our art classes so you may join a class that has already started. WE PRORATE THE COST TO REFLECT THE NUMBER OF WEEKS LEFT IN THE CLASS.

Nurture your inner-artist and feel inspired as you deepen your practice of watercolor painting. Enjoy engaging, encouraging art instruction in this intermediate level online watercolor painting classes with NYC’s #1-rated art studio, The Art Studio NY. If you have taken our Beginner Watercolor Painting Class or have previous watercolor painting experience, this class is perfect for you! Continue to learn and practice the most important watercolor painting techniques and express yourself through painting your own unique works of art. In this advanced watercolor painting class online,  you will explore, learn, and enjoy:

  • Watercolor painting techniques including paper blotting, gradated washes, wet and dry paint application, color layering, dragging paint,  texture creation, light and shadow, blending and edge control, 
  • One-on-one, tailor-made, expert watercolor painting instruction by a professional artist and teacher from our NYC art studio 
  • Artistic demonstrations and step-by-step watercolor technique lessons that are non-judgemental and motivating of your creative development
  • Create a variety of artworks, including a seascape, still life, and selected subject matter of your choice 
  • Continue to  develop your own personal painting style while deepening your artistic technique and authentic self-expression 
  • Receive the scientifically proven health benefits of online watercolor painting classes including enhanced relaxation and stress relief, increased memory, boosted self-esteem, and greater satisfaction

Online Zoom Art Class Materials:

All online classes are now held online in our virtual art classrooms using zoom classrooms. Art class materials should be ordered ahead of the first class meeting time. Or you may use materials you already have.

Click here to see our online materials list and order them to be shipped directly to you.


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