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NYC Kids Birthday Parties

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Our studio provides many fun & unique kids birthday party ideas in NYC

Kids Birthday Parties
Create and Celebrate with Art and Soul!

Create a memorable, joyous birthday celebration that will literally last a lifetime through creating your own self-expressive artwork!
Celebrate your kids birthday party with New York City’s #1-Rated nurturing home for EVERYTHING ART, The Art Studio NY. People of all ages
(little kids, big kids, and grown-up kids) will be thrilled with our custom-made, one-of-a-kind, nurturing art birthday parties that promise
to ignite the creative spirit within. Our amazing kids birthday party ideas are sure to make their milestone celebration an unforgettable memory.

As a parent, you get to relax while WE take care of the creative fun for your kids’ next birthday parties! Every participant will
enjoy their artistic creativity to the fullest, and your party will be remembered forever with each unique artwork that is taken home
by every single party attendee.

Since we love to tailor every party to the interests of the birthday child and all of your special guests, we invite you to choose a project
from our party menu OR share with us what inspires your group most. We are always happy to create a special project with a specifically
chosen theme just for you!


  • Kids birthday party planner and party host
  • Structured age-appropriate art birthday party ideas based on your choice from our art menu
  • Custom-made art birthday parties for kids based on what they love most
  • Every child brings home their very own finished art piece after a painting birthday party ends
  • Art projects for the adults to enjoy, too!
  • One-on-one nurturing instruction and attention for every party attendee
  • All setup and cleanup.


Your party includes a final art exhibition and creative award for each child! Our warm, upbeat, and experienced staff (all of our instructors
are professional artists that bring out the creativity in everyone!) make sure everyone is engaged, creating, and having
fun! On the day of the birthday party, you arrive, relax, and enjoy yourselves; we take care of everything!


Kids birthday party planner at The Art Studio NY will take care of everything for your party

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    Hearty Painting Birthday party for Kids: Creativity on Canvas!

    Hearty Painting Birthday Party for Kids: Creativity on Canvas!

    Express yourself through color, texture, and paint on canvas as you are guided on a true painting adventure! Unleash your inner-artist
    through a variety of acrylic painting techniques and modes of authentic self-expression, such as color mixing, composition, realism,
    abstraction, personal expression, and most importantly…. fun! Everyone joining your art birthday party will be guided step-by-step, brushstroke-by-brushstroke, as you each create a beautiful painting that you will feel proud of.

    • Prior to every kids art party, you get to choose the subject matter of the painting that the group will work on.
    • Either choose one image that will inspire the group, choose a variety of inspirations and have each person pick their own, or share your
      ideas of your own theme!
    • Possible themes include: Landscapes, Florals, Still Life, Sports, Movie/Cartoon/TV Characters, Abstract Paintings, and Artwork by Famous
    • We have a variety of images that we will share with you, so you can pick your favorite before the big party!

    Kandinsky for Kids Birthday Party

    Children thrive through art! In this inspiring, joyous art birthday party, our big-kid-artists create a beautiful painting, brushstroke-by-brushstroke,
    that is inspired by one of your favorite artists. Whether Kandinsky, Picasso, Matisse, or another painting that you choose prior to
    your party, our warm and encouraging team of art instructors will guide the children on an acrylic-paint-on-canvas-adventure that is
    pure inspiration and fun! Every artist will feel proud of themselves as they finish a beautiful painting on canvas to show off at home.

    Kandinsky for Kids Birthday party NYC
    Groovin' Graffiti party is an amazing kids art birthday party at our studio

    Groovin’ Graffiti Party

    Encourage your child’s creative expression with this hands-on, fun, and exciting graffiti art party! Guaranteed to spark your child’s imagination
    and artistic talents, young artists will learn to create an urban art form that is now a hugely popular artistic genre worldwide. We
    will have loads of fun as we focus on the legal expression of graffiti through art materials such as paints, ink, airbrushing, art
    markers, pastels, stencils, and mixed-media. In your Groovin’ Graffiti Party, you get to choose one project in advance that your entire
    group will enjoy!

    Choose from the following or suggest your own idea:

    • Graffiti art on baseball caps or t-shirts
    • Graffiti painting on canvas
    • Graffiti “tag” art.

    Kids will unlock inner-creativity and free the artist within, and all will walk away feeling empowered to express who they are in a creative
    way that they can call their own.

    Wearable Art Birthday Parties

    Calling all blossoming artists who want to explore creativity through painting, drawing, and wearable art! Kids will be nurtured and inspired
    to explore a variety of creative techniques (while having loads of fun!) through learning about painting, texture, design, color use,
    personal style, textile design, use of buttons, jewels, and more. Our young artists will gain confidence and personal satisfaction
    as they design, paint, and create actual art that they can wear every day! You get to choose one item that each person at your party
    will create and take home with them (and wear, of course!). Items include: canvas tote bags, pashmina scarves, headbands, t-shirts,
    baseball caps, sun hats, or another item of your choosing. Combining tools of creativity and authentic self-expression, while making
    art that can be worn out in the world, this kids birthday party at our #1-rated art studio is sure to be one-of-a-kind!

    Wearable Art birthday parties for kids in NYC
    Inspiration Nation: Create Your Own Theme! is one of our special kids birthday party ideas in NYC

    Inspiration Nation: Create Your Own Theme!

    Have your own theme or idea for an art project that you are excited about? Tell us! Everything we do is custom-made and tailored to your
    interests. Share your idea or inspiration with us, and we will create a one-of-a-kind project for your kids birthday party, for everyone
    to enjoy! At The Art Studio NY, the sky’s the limit.

    Dare to Draw: Drawing Party

    All kids love to draw! Encourage your child’s creative expression with this hands-on, fun, and exciting drawing party that all kids love!
    Guaranteed to spark your child’s imagination and artistic talents, young artists will learn to create through one of art’s most popular
    genres…drawing! With materials such as pencil, colored pencil, pastels, stencils, and drawing surprises, all will walk away
    feeling empowered to express who they are in a creative way that they can call their own.

    Dare to draw: Drawing Party is also the best choice for your kids birthday party NYC


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    1. Bari G commented on February 25, 2020 5 out of 5 stars

      I just wanted to thank all of you so much for helping to put on an amazing 4th birthday party for our daughter Mira and her friends! The way the space was laid out, the organization of the instruction, the special goodies like the certificate and the group picture, and of course the art project itself was all fantastic, but most of all the most wonderful instructors Sophia, Audrey and Kristy (*super extra shoutout thank you to Sophia who came back for a surprise celeb cameo appearance to Mira’s—and my— delight!) who made this fun, smooth and super enjoyable for the kids and parents alike. It was also special for us to introduce so many neighborhood friends to TASNY, a place that’s been close to my heart for a few years now. Can’t say thank you enough, look forward to seeing you all again soon!

    Taira commented on 09-Jan-2018 01:56 PM5 out of 5 stars
    Lya had an amazing time, along with her guest. Everything was amazing.
    Elizabeth commented on 04-Jan-2018 11:45 AM5 out of 5 stars
    Just wanted to let you know that Ziva and her friends had a great time at her birthday party! Thank you all for everything!
    Annie L. commented on 05-Dec-2017 10:52 AM5 out of 5 stars
    My daughter had a fabulous and fun birthday party at The Art Studio! All her friends and classmates had a great time and enjoyed small fun group drawing, art game, and the final master piece painting! The adults enjoyed getting together in the smaller room while waiting. Michelle answered all my questions and eased my concerns before the party. She is so patient and super nice! The instructors handled the party so well! Our birthday cake had a 3D dragon on top which was made of cream. The wings melted before serving. One of the instructors painted a pair of dragon wings on some paper and replaced the broken wings. She saved the cake and saved the birthday party! Thank you so much, The Art Studio NY!
    Linda Greenbaum commented on 01-Mar-2017 06:12 PM5 out of 5 stars
    Thank you for creating a fun and creative birthday party for my daughter. Michelle did a great job arranging every detail, what a pleasure to just show up and see my daughter and her friends so happy. Highly recommend for creative kids and parents who don’t want any fuss or mess.
    Jill F. commented on 10-Dec-2016 12:09 AM5 out of 5 stars
    What an incredible birthday party for my 7-year-old! My husband and I wanted to plan something different and fun, and our daughter loves art. The Art Studio NY exceeded our expectations. They planned everything perfectly and they customized an awesome painting project for the kids. 25 kids went home with paintings inspired by Monet Waterlillies, and parents are still raving about how fun the party was. Highly suggest this art studio for their children’s birthday parties!
    Linda Laang commented on 11-Nov-2016 11:34 AM5 out of 5 stars
    I hosted my 5-year-old daughter’s birthday at The Art Studio NY. We had 30 children, and every child went home with a beautiful Monet painting that they made themselves! The instructors were kind, giving and so helpful for the children. The staff who organized the party made it easy and seamless for my family. Sophia’s painting is hanging in her room, and she loves it!