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The Art Studio NY

#1 Rated Art Classes in New York City!


Join The Art Studio NY’s online summer camps where you’ll fill up on friendship, laughter, connection, unbounded creativity and FUN. Our online summer camp program will be the highlight of your summer!

Enjoy The Art Studio NY’s live, online camp experience — one that is exciting, magical and connected, all from the safety of home. Our engaging, high-energy and creative online activities for kids and teens of all ages include:

  • MORNING and AFTERNOON ONLINE ART CAMP: Engaging, entertaining and FUN drawing classes, painting projects, manga, watercolor painting, realism, abstraction, art journaling, collage, mixed-media, comics and cartooning, crafts, landscape arts, portraiture, art history fun facts, graffiti, creative lettering, group art games, team spirit, socializing with friends, & more!


Please choose 3, 4, or 5 days or half days. You will be able to choose the specific days (M-F) and Morning Art (AM) or Afternoon Art (PM) when you are in the checkout.

  • HALF-DAY MORNING  is Online Art Camp  (2 hours):  9 am - 11 am:, 2 hours of online art camp activities 
  • HALF-DAY AFTERNOON is Online Art Camp (2 hours):  1 pm - 3 pm,  2 hours of online art camp instruction 
  • FULL-DAY ONLINE SUMMER CAMP is Online Art Camp (4 hours):  9 am - 11 am, lunch break,  1 pm - 3pm, 4 hours of instruction 


With 15 years as New York City’s #1 art studio, we are dedicated to kids’ wellbeing, self-expression and growth, and we are confident that our online winter camp program will be anything BUT boring as we unite together with families living through COVID-19.

Online Winter Camp Highlights

  • Tailor-made magical daily winter camp packed with friendship and endless fun
  • Enjoy a variety of interactive and spirited creative activities every hour of the camp day
  • Engaging, small group activities (1 instructor for 15 or less kids) that are customized to each and every camper
  • Have fun with old friends and make new friends from around the country (and world!)
  • Have a group of friends that you want to have camp with? Create your own bunk!
  • Breakout groups to ensure kids are socially connecting in excited ways 
  • New painting, drawing, comics, and mixed-media art projects that are exciting, always fresh and never repeated twice
  • We make learning fun with art fun-facts and exploring “world travel field trips”
  • Curated activities menu to align with kids’ interests and age groups
  • Caring, inspiring, credentialized instructors and educators who are experienced in teaching and motivating kids both online and in person
  • Exposure to new activities, experiences and friendships to broaden horizons  
  • A wide variety of activities to keep kids excited, engaged, learning, and exploring 

Ages 5-8 Winter Online Art Camps

Click a week to learn more about the winter art camp and sign up.

Monday, Dec 21 - Thursday, Dec 24, 2020
Monday, Dec 28 - Thursday, Dec 31, 2020

Ages 9-12 Winter Online Art Camps

Click a week to learn more about the winter art camp and sign up.

Monday, Dec 21 - Thursday, Dec 24, 2020
Monday, Dec 28 - Thursday, Dec 31, 2020

Ages 13+ Teens Winter Online Art Camps

Click a week to learn more about the winter art camp and sign up.

Monday, Dec 21 - Thursday, Dec 24, 2020
Monday, Dec 28 - Thursday, Dec 31, 2020



How Does Online Winter Camp Work?

We paint, draw, craft, dance, sing, play games, and make surprise postcards for our camp penpals. We laugh, meditate, do downward dogs, share art journals, have talent shows and bond with friends, old and new. Together,  in a safe, warm and non-judgemental caring camp community, we will make magic and memories from the safety of home. 

Each week, your camper is able to enjoy a variety of their favorite activities every day. We have crafted an online winter camp program that offers real-life fun!  

Enjoy half day, full day, or a la carte options to keep your child happy, healthy, engaged and connected to friends with hour-long creative activities, art class projects, games and fun surprises to keep them interested and excited all winter break. 

An art materials list will be provided. As a parent, we want online winter camp to be easy for you! Order your No Fuss Art Kit and have them delivered straight to your door. Chances are, you have many of the supplies at home already! 


With so much uncertainty, we know flexibility matters. 

Choose from a variety of online winter camp packages to best suit your scheduling needs and your child’s interests. Our various online camp programs offer the largest range of interactive and diverse creative activities to suit any child’s interests and needs. 

When registering, simply indicate what days and times you’d like in the shopping cart. On the day of camp, you can easily connect to your online cabin through our online Zoom class portal. Your registration email will contain informational links with all the directions you need. 


  • Half-Day Morning Online Art Camp  (2 hours)
  • Half-Day Afternoon Online Art Camp (2 hours)
  • Full-Day Morning+Afternoon Online Art Camp (5 hours)
  • Create Your Own Bunk with Friends (2, 4 and 6 hour options)
  • 1-Hour Online Art Classes  


  • 5-8
  • 9-12
  • 13+
  • Make Your Own Bunk: All age groups 



Online Art Camp

9 am Morning Friendship Gratitude Circle,  Surprise Art Games & Icebreakers 

Promoting friendship, creativity and FUN, friends gather with a new daily camper as the morning leader to lead the group in a different activity every morning. Engage socially and start the day to get the energy going! Keep things surprising so that every day is fun, different and engaging. 

A: Morning Friendship Gratitude Circle: Focusing on inspiration and kindness, share in conversations such as “what are you most grateful for”, “what qualities are important in a leader, name one person in your life that you think is a leader”, and “what is the most important quality in a good friend”? Go around in a “circle” so each person can share. 

B: Art Games: From drawing prompts to cahoot to pictionary and more, kick off the day with an online game that all participate in. 

C: Icebreakers: Allow a camper to lead the icebreaker by providing them with a list of possible icebreaker questions, and they then lead the way. 


9:15 -10 am Fear-Free Sketching/ 5 Minute Drawing Game 

 A live, step-by-step drawing project where art techniques are learned and practiced in real time. Sharing fun-facts about famous artists, names of techniques of the day for kids to remember (especially for the younger kids) and beautiful artwork created. Subject matter includes drawing animals, portraits, cartoons, landscapes, artist-inspired pieces and more in pastels, pencil, and sharpies!

*To keep things fun and engaging, take a “surprise break” to keep kids engaged at 9:35 for 5 minutes max. Choose from the list of online games, such as a quick scavenger hunt, a Lipsync contest, or a drawing prompt game. 


10  – 10:05 am Grooving and Moving: 5 Minute Dance Party and Other Fun Movement Games

One camper chooses their favorite song, and blast it over screen share to dance (rather than sitting and sitting in front of the screen), a 5 minute laughter yoga video, a scavenger home hunt race, and more 


10:05 – 10:50a Watercolor and Mixed-Media Portrait Painting

Kick off with a short video (link provided) about Frida Kahlo, learn about what makes her artwork unique, and have a quick chat about this famous artist. Sharing new techniques and encouraging individual expression, guide the group in a step-by-step art project while providing individualized feedback as they create their artwork. 

*Have a quick 3 minute game ready to play and enjoy in the middle of the painting to keep kids engaged and laughing. 


10:50 am – 10:55 am Daily Art Gallery Exhibit

Share your art from the day with camp friends. Attend on your own or invite friends and family at home, too.  Every day, a new camper(s) will be the “showcased gallery artist” and share about the artwork they created today, and all other campers will be able to interact and share what they like most about the artwork created.  Other days, have multiple campers show their artwork, and use the zoom breakout for people to group up in pairs. 


10:55 am  Favorites

What was your favorite part of camp today, what was your highlight? (or switch up the questions to make it interesting and fast fun!).




Art :  


Manga Drawing 

Sketching and Drawing 

Mixed-Media Art  

Portrait Art 

Studio Art

Art Journaling 

Inspirational Fun-Facts of Famous Artists


Relax (for breaks):


Story Time 


Circle sharing



Morning, 9 am – 11 am:  2 hours of online camp activities  

Afternoon, 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm:  2 hours of instruction 

Full Day, 9 am – 11 am, lunch break,  12:30 pm – 2:30 pm:  4 hours of instruction  


3-day option 

Half-Day Morning, $145

Half-Day Afternoon, $145

Full Day, $275

4-day option 

Half-Day Morning, $185

Half-Day Afternoon, $185

Full Day, $329

5-day option (Monday – Friday)

Half-Day Morning, $199

Half-Day Afternoon, $199

Full Day, $349


Morning Session, Afternoon Session, Full Day Session

9 am – 11 am : Morning Session 

12:30 pm – 2:30 pm: Afternoon Session 

9 am – 2:30 pm: Full Day Session