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Amberrose Venus-Gordon

Kids, Teens, and Adult Online Art Teacher

  Paintings of Amberrose Venus-Gordon

Amberrose Venus-Gordon is a New York artist and educator who firmly believes in making art accessible to all people, regardless of socioeconomic standing or previous knowledge. Given the proper tools and encouraging guidance, any person can become an artist. Amberrose ensures that the art studio classroom, whether in person or virtually, is a safe learning environment with open communication, emotional safety and authentic self-expression. Through Amberrose’s warm, inspiring and bubbly personality, her students feel welcomed to share their thoughts, engage in rich group discussions, and are not afraid to ask for help so they can grow as individuals and artists.

Amberrose has been drawing and painting since a young age, and her passion for creating and teaching art stems from her childhood. The first work of art she created was a collage of her mother while living in Trinidad. Her mother was filled with such joy upon looking at the artwork, and Amberrose remembers thinking to herself, “I would like my artwork to bring pure happiness to everyone that looks at it.”

As a professional artist, Amberrose’s artwork focuses heavily on iconic symbols that are indicative of childhood, recalling a time of one’s innocence. Through a profound love of capturing this youthfulness, she expresses her sensitivity and care of children in a way that records moments of young lives in both her carefully felted works as well as her oil paintings. In her paintings, Amberrose paints the human figure in somewhat unsettling scenes that are engulfed in a space with an assortment of lines. With the faces fully rendered while the space the figure occupies is less defined, these simplified gestural lines suggest the idea of imagination and memory, and ask the viewer to contemplate, “What could have been, or may not have been, and did this event take place or is it something that one imagined?” The juxtaposition between developed figures in undeveloped adds an added dimension of the quick passage of time, and how one’s childhood goes by in the blink of an eye – here today and gone tomorrow.

Amberrose is a graduate of Pratt Institute, and she graduated with a BFA in Painting and Minors in Art History and Museum and Gallery Practices. Her artwork is exhibited in art galleries, and in 2020, her painting, “Don’t Let Go”, was part of an exhibition, Across The Sea, in Glasgow, Scotland. In addition to teaching, Amberrose is dedicated to lifelong learning with a growth mindset, and she continues to take art classes to hone in on her own skills. She was recently awarded the “Seeds of the League Scholarship” to attend the Artist’s Student League for a prestigious sculpture class.

Amberrose has taught a wide variety of students spanning many ages and backgrounds, and she is most proud of the positive impact she is able to make on her students through the power of art. One of the most memorable teaching experiences she has had was as an art educator at a historic Venice, Italy charity, Istituto Santa Maria della Pietà (or La Pieta) and San Dona. The students she worked with had all endured major challenges in their lives, and as a result, they lacked the proper necessities of one’s childhood. Through introducing the children to art materials and creative expression, the children quickly developed a sincere love and appreciation for creating art through their imagination, and these children have continued to create art ever since.