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Azzah Sultan Online Art Teacher

Azzah Sultan

Kids, Teens, and Adult Online Art Teacher

Azzah Sultan is a visual artist and art educator based in New York. In her art classes with The Art Studio NY, Azzah provides a learning space for her students to feel at ease, have a break from life’s problems, and to reclaim their time for self care through creative expression. Azzah uses and creates art as a tool for education and activism, and her own artwork discusses issues of race and identity that are heavily ignored and taken for granted.

As an educator, Azzah strives for her students to feel at peace even when they are tackling a new skillset. “Art should be learned through compassion and the mindset that growth comes when you aren’t invalidating yourself”, shares Azzah. “I encourage all of my students to engage with one another and to use their time in our art classes to bond and provide each other with supportive feedback.”

In Azzah’s virtual art classes as well as in-person art classes in New York City, she weaves together the teaching of a wide range of art materials and provides steps to improve artistic skills while also sharing in the exploration of the history of art. Azzah creates a learning environment that is inclusive to all and promotes diversity.

Through the use of mixed media, painting, performance art, digital and video art, Azzah’s artwork explores various aspects of childhood nostalgia, materials of memorabilia, and familial ties portrayed through digital media. A

Azzah received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design and her Master of Fine Arts from Washington State University. Her artwork has been exhibited in multiple art galleries, including The New School, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, S.A.D. Gallery, The Bushwick Collective, BUFU Studios, The Ely Center, Blackfish Gallery, Chase Gallery, Terrain 12, KMAC Gallery. Azzah was a panelist for Muslim Women Reclaim Their Identities at Amherst College and a Guest Lecturer at Chautauqua Institution. She is currently an artist in residence at Trotter & Sholer Gallery in New York City.