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Clare Murray

Clare Murray

Kids, Teen, and Adults Art Instructor

Paintings of Clare Murray

As a mixed-media conceptual artist, Clare carries her studies further and looks to art as a powerful tool for discovery. She is currently focused on studying different audience members’ perspectives and experiences in museum spaces through a range of media. Specifically, she is using a mix of graphite and colored pencil, overlaid with children’s reflections on colored vellum to communicate the layered complexity of studying young children’s perspectives of museum spaces. Her artwork has been exhibited in a variety of art galleries across New England and Spain. A portion of her latest artwork was just selected as part of the Macy Art Gallery’s September Primer in NYC’s Morningside Heights.

Clare has extensive experience establishing early childhood art museum education programs while also critically studying program impacts and implementation across the world. In 2019, she was the recipient of a Predoctoral Fulbright Research Fellowship to study the educational programming and fundraising potential of an emerging network of independent cultural spaces in Spain. Clare specializes in spatial design with/by/for young children as well as curriculum planning that nurtures and develops critical thinking and creativity.

When not sketching on train rides back-and-forth between NYC and Connecticut, leading her nonprofit, or conducting research for her doctorate, Clare can be found enjoying long walks, studying up on wine facts, teaching free yoga classes in Central Park, and volunteering at both NY Loves Yoga and the Holy Trinity Breakfast Line.