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Emma Waldman

Emma Waldman

Kids and Adult Online Art Teacher

  Paintings of Emma Waldman Emma Waldman is an artist and art educator dedicated to nurturing and encouraging the creativity in us all, no matter our age, ability and circumstance. Art has been a large part of Emma’s life, and she is passionate about sharing her artistic knowledge with her students as well as supporting self-expression and self-discovery in each individual. Emma creates a bridge between her own artistic process and one that she helps create for her students as an educator in her popular online art classes. She is trained in inquiry-based learning techniques, which strengthens the critical thinking of all her students. Emma firmly believes that all students have unique and powerful voices, and she aims to empower her students to creatively express themselves, their emotions and their view on the world around them. Emma is trained in a wide variety of mediums and techniques including oil painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and fiber arts ,and she is passionate about teaching mixed-media, specifically using unconventional materials, as she believes diverse textures and materials develops a well-rounded artistic vocabulary that encourages experimentation and personal and academic growth. Emma has worked, and continues to work, as a Museum and Art Educator for various museums, schools, and organizations throughout New York City, and she brings warmth and creativity to the greater community through impactful art experiences. As an artist, Emma specializes in abstract-expressionist paintings and sculptures. Chaos, energy, and vibrant marks characterize her works. Emma creates fast-paced action paintings where each brush stroke and movement expresses emotion. She works intuitively, relying on her abstract sensibility and connection to color. Emma experiments with various media including wax, newspaper, and fabric, which affords her the freedom to explore a variety of textures. By folding and bunching fabric together to create organic forms, she creates sculptural paintings out of each canvas. Emma graduated from Skidmore College with a B.A. with honors in both Studio Art and Psychology.