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Kristen Andersen

Studio Coordinator

Kristen Andersen is a New Jersey born and bred artist. After taking her first college art class at Arizona State University, she quickly dropped her status as a nursing major and switched over to a more creative program. Sore eyes are one of Kristen’s least favorite sensations. Because of this, Kristen strives to add a touch of beauty to the lives of those around her. Whether it is in the form of a crocheted blanket, a warm home-cooked meal, or simply tidying up clutter, Kristen believes beauty is achievable in all aspects of life. Kristen uses her artistic abilities to express her gratitude to those around her. Her muse is the feeling of love. Whether it is her pet cat, her family, or just the way a certain color scheme is evokably pleasing, she uses her art as a way to immortalize the things she cares about.

Kristen joined our NYC art studio in January of 2020. With a passion for art and a talent for organization, Kristen, alongside the rest of the office staff, helps tie all the pieces together to keep a seamless studio operation.