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Laura Habian

Laura Habian

Kids, Teen, and Adults Art Instructor

Laura Habian is a New York City based artist and educator who carries a warm, joyful and curious energy everywhere she goes. Laura is thrilled about the opportunity to serve as an art educator while guiding her students to nurture their creative identity. She spent years working towards becoming a classroom teacher and is passionate about creating spaces where students are free, supported, and inspired. While she was pursuing her Masters Degree at Teachers College, she was called to reconnect with her creative passions, which include painting, drawing, photography, dancing, and writing poetry.

Paintings of Laura Habian

Laura’s artwork is a healing endeavor that allows her to practice authentic expression. Her artwork provides a window into her inner world and often tells a story. She also shares messages about social justice and experiences that led her to become an abolitionist educator. Her work is playful, whimsical, conceptual and plays with the idea of duality. While her paintings, drawings, photos and poems all tell different parts of her story, there are deep connections and parallels across her work. Laura’s artwork allows her to show her multidimensional self to the world and exist in wholeness.

Born and raised in New York, Laura began after-school tutoring in high school and soon fell in love with teaching. She truly values her relationships with her students and sees each school day as a new adventure. Over the past eight years, she has worked with students of all ages in a variety of settings. In the classroom, she utilizes a constructivist approach and implements principles from the Universal Design for Learning. As an undergraduate in Nashville, TN at Vanderbilt University, Laura learned about the landscape of public education and became an advocate for investing in classroom spaces where all students are valued and uplifted. In 2021, she worked alongside her students to design a classroom that affirmed their identity and served as a space where they could learn leadership skills. As a result, she received a grant from the Abolitionist Teaching Network to bring this vision to life. She also taught students how to create emojis and asked students to design new ones based on what parts of their identities needed more representation in the digital world.

Paintings of Laura Habian

Laura is trained to lead restorative circles and is deeply passionate about making restorative justice practices more accessible in schools and workplaces. She is described as deeply intuitive, nurturing, accepting, and encouraging. She has a knack for helping students identify their strengths and what makes them unique. Laura is a deeply compassionate educator who aspires to be a calm and consistent presence in her students’ lives. Laura finds that children are acutely attuned to how the world’s systems impact us and have a powerful ability to envision a more just world when their imaginations and curious natures are supported.

Laura is excited to learn more about herself and her students while forging her own unique path in the world. Her favorite artist is Jhené Aiko and her favorite color is periwinkle. Laura also loves cooking and connecting with animals.