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Liam Gerard

Liam Gerard

Kids, Teen, and Adults Art Instructor

Paintings of Liam Gerard

Liam Gerard (They/He) is a multi-hyphenate artist and skilled educator based in New York City, and Liam’s creative expertise includes both the visual and performance arts. Liam believes that everybody is an artist, and that everybody is a painter and a sculptor and an architect and a dancer and a singer. Every person contains multitudes and has the capacity for creative expression. Liam feels it is an honor and privilege of the instructor to journey into the depths of creativity with their students.

Liam’s artistic journey began in the classroom, where they would be reprimanded for covering their schoolwork with doodles. This pursuit of expression drove Liam into the arts from a young age, and they have been cultivating their own unique creative journey through the art world as a student, teacher, advocate, pioneer, and friend.

Working in a wide spectrum of artistic mediums, from painting in oils and acrylics to drawing with pencil and pen, Liam finds joy in studying old masters artworks, following modern artistic discoveries, and developing new artistic techniques based on experience, intrigue, and following whatever feels fun at the time! Liam’s experience as an artist is one brimming with life, light, and color, and sees that we have the opportunity to observe that and channel it into something beautiful.

A core philosophy in Liam’s practice is to view the world as a benevolent alien, a visitor, observing things for the first time with wonder and excitement. The smallest detail provides a brilliant insight into the beauty of our world, and it is the artist who seeks this forgotten beauty and brings it to the light. One of Liam’s favorite artistic activities is to draw fellow passengers during their daily commute. It is an engaging daily practice that teaches one to appreciate the beauty in things unseen or unobserved.

Graduating summa cum laude with a BFA from The Hartt School, Liam engages students to discover what brings them the most joy, and to pursue that craft with passion and excitement. Infusing multidisciplinary expertise with a timeless eccentricity, Liam provides uplifting, thought provoking, and empowering edification through transformative art classes for all ages.