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Molly Kuribayashi

Molly Kuribayashi

Molly Kuribayashi, Online Art Teacher for Kids, Teens and Adults

Paintings of Molly Kuribayashi

Molly Kuribayashi is a fine artist specializing in watercolor painting. Originally from Louisiana and now a working artist based in New Jersey, Molly’s interest in art and languages began from a young age. Molly aims for her students to feel pleased with their daily artistic accomplishments and see each day as a part of an ongoing creative development. The sense of camaraderie her students feel in their art classes together with Molly provides a boost of joyful energy. Molly enjoys inspiring her students and encourages them to retain a long-time excitement for making art, and her students’ confidence grows as they learn new methods and artistic techniques to express themselves.

In her online and in-person art classes, Molly believes that developing observational painting and drawing skills enables students of all ages to notice and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Molly teaches her students to interpret what they see, while developing unique ideas in a challenging and rewarding way. For Molly, being inquisitive and solving art problems takes us to a positive space inside of ourselves.

Molly loves working with watercolor paint and other artistic media on paper, because it is beautiful and part of its beauty is its rapidity. She enjoys how with watercolor paint, an artist can work relatively quickly, and then the next day ponder the same work with a fresh point of view while adding finishing touches. The experience is both fast and slow, instinctive but engaging. Molly also likes working on paper as it yields incredible results using an efficient small work space and minimal materials to get started!

Paintings of Molly Kuribayashi

Molly studied French at the Louisiana State University, and she earned her Masters of Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, majoring in Printmaking. Molly taught Printmaking at the Art Institute of Chicago as well as Design and Drawing at Valparaiso University in Indiana. Molly has taught art in many settings to all ages, and taught at The Art Studio NY for many years while also leading a pilot program in New Jersey with the studio.