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Nishan Patel

Kids, Teens, and Adult Online Art Teacher

Book Cover art by Nishan Patel Nishan is an artist and educator from New Jersey. Art has always been an important part of Nishan’s life. He learned to draw when visiting family in India as a young child. A family friend taught him to draw animals and flowers and encouraged his creativity. In India is also where Nishan was introduced to comics. He began to draw and write stories of his own and knew then that he wanted art to be a part of his life forever.

After graduating from art school, Nishan created his first children’s book, Sammy’s New Home. He got the opportunity to perform read-a-louds and teach art lessons for children in local hospitals, schools, and libraries. He loved seeing what the children created and saw the joy they felt when expressing themselves through art – creating their own characters and stories that they enthusiastically shared with their peers and families. These experiences got him interested in teaching and working in the public sector.

Nishan pursued a master’s degree in art education and became a high school art teacher. He taught foundational art classes as well as AP Studio Art portfolio preparation classes. He also established an after-school art club where students created their own manga and comics by collaborating with one another. He then moved to New York and got the opportunity to teach art to pre-k to 2nd graders. His experiences teaching, listening to, and learning from his students have been the highlight of his career.

Nishan enjoys working with pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, and digital art making as well. No matter the media, he believes that art making offers an opportunity for people of any age to explore, experiment, and expand their own thinking, sometimes surprising themselves in what they can achieve when they create. Nishan is looking forward to working with students of all ages as they embark on their own journeys in art making!