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Ray Hwang

Ray Hwang

Art Instructor

Paintings of Ray Hwang

Ray Hwang is an artist and painter from L.A., currently living and working in the New York City area of Ridgewood, Queens. He believes that art is something intrinsic in everybody, that we all have the potential to be artists, and that the best way to learn is to fail… repeatedly. Ray is confident that his combination of artistic expertise, while also understanding individual needs, will be just what people need to get themselves excited and confident about learning art. With Ray’s upbeat sense of humor, he creates a warm, fun and upbeat environment in all of his art classes in New York City while keeping his students laughing, learning and feeling fulfilled.

Ray feels that growing as an artist, like growing as a human, requires a person us to be curious, empathetic, and understanding of the world around us. In time, Ray hopes that his students will leave his classes with an enthusiasm for learning and insight into how art plays a role in their lives.

In his artistic practice, Ray is primarily a painter with experience in nearly all forms of 2-Dimensional media and is always experimenting with new materials and how they can inform his artwork and creative practice. Ray has always known he was an artist, and taught himself to draw from an early age by watching cartoons on television.

Ray holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He has exhibited his artwork throughout New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Denver, as well as internationally in Milan and Beijing. He recently attended an artist residency program based in The United Kingdom, and he has been the recipient of the prestigious Moosey Residency, The Lower East Side Printshop Keyholder Residency, and the Plum Lime Residency. Ray published his first book, “i forgot to draw yesterday” in 2023 and has worked on or contributed to various art publications throughout his art career.

Paintings of Ray Hwang

When not making or teaching art, Ray enjoys watching/playing basketball, finding an armchair that he can sink into a good book with, and snacking on any and every type of junk food he can get his hands on.