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    Create a step-by-step painting for beginners

    Art Books by Rebecca Schweiger

    Learn 15 step-by-step painting and mixed-media art projects in 'Release Your Creativity', by Rebecca Schweiger

    Awaken your inner artist and release your creativity!

    Regardless of your skill level or age, YOU are creative. In Release Your Creativity, by Rebecca Schweiger, learn how to create your own meaningful works of art with 15 step-by-step painting projects and mixed-media art projects designed to get your creative juices flowing—no previous art experience required.

    Release your creativity and express your true self.

    Offering the perfect guidance into expressive painting for beginners and experienced artists alike, these hands-on painting projects and mixed-media art projects are coupled with inspiration and encouragement to inspire your authentic self-expression while creating artwork, and a life, that you love. Through this positive and fear-free approach to creativity both on and off the canvas, you will feel nurtured and safe to enjoy the thrill of freely expressing yourself while feeling empowered to create a life that you love.

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    Create the life that you love with simple painting projects

    Feel fulfilled and create a life that you love.

    Coined as one of the best art instruction books, Release Your Creativity weaves together inspirational stories and self-empowerment tools with painting techniques and painting projects that include abstract painting, watercolor tutorials, and most importantly, a relaxing and fulfilling approach to creativity that will bring more meaning, stress-relief and happiness into your life.

    Learn painting techniques for beginners in 'Release Your Creativity'
    With Release Your Creativity, learn to carve out time for your joy, well-being and fulfillment as you explore:

     • Motivating life tools that empower you to create a life that you love
     • How to overcome fear and express your true self
     • Creative life tools including meditation, self-awareness, rekindling your personal passion, and many more
     • A wide variety of painting techniques
     • Inspiration for abstract painting and personal self-expression
     • Approachable and unique mixed-media art techniques
     • Easy, fear-free art and painting for beginners and all levels

    Express yourself through painting projects by Rebecca Schweiger

    Nurture yourself with the space and time you deserve!

    Feel uplifted with creative inspiration filled with painting techniques geared towards all artistic levels, including painting for beginners. For the creativity novice and the expert artist alike, this book rekindles the creativity in everyone and reminds you that you were born to express yourself. As the owner of New York City’s #1 art school for all ages and levels, I am excited to show you how you can ignite your creative spark in Release Your Creativity. If you’re searching for art books for beginners, art inspiration books or art instruction books, Release Your Creativity is the perfect solution that will guide you with supportive and encouraging step by step painting for beginners and all levels so that you can freely express who you are through your artwork while creating a life that you love.

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