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The Art Studio NY

#1 Rated Art Classes in New York City!

School Art Enrichment Program

“The Art Studio NY has been a wonderful addition to our after school offerings. We now offer four different classes across various grade levels, and they have all been very well received. The staff is amazing and very professional. I’d highly recommend this program.”
-Allison Fass, Director of Summer Camp and After School Programs, Rodeph Sholom School

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    Our After School Art Class Partners Include:

    Our art studio teaches Comics and Cartooning Art Classes to grades 1-5 at ECFS’s Manhattan and Bronx locations as part of their after school programs. The Art Studio NY’s enrichment programs align with each individual school’s curriculum. This Comics and Cartooning Art Class is an after school class that teaches children how to build their confidence through developing their imagination, creating their unique drawing style, learning how to draw superheroes, figures in motion, and creative comics characters. Students benefit from the enhanced health and wellness that art classes are known for, such as increased self-esteem, enhanced focus, higher test scores, and greater communication skills.

    In ECFS’s Bronx location, we teach a popular Graphic Novel and Comics Art Class for children in grades 2-5. Students are guided each week to develop their own visual story as they learn to combine literacy and art through the development of drawing skills, storyline development, artistic technique, the power of imagination and personal self-expression.

    Our after school art programs NYC bring tailor-made art classes to all 22+ branches of libraries throughout Queens. Our after school classes offer children of all ages, 5-18, an opportunity to receive individualized art instruction that align with educational, cultural and community themes and goals. Since many of the children do not receive in-school art education, our customized after school kids art classes provide thousands of children with engaging art projects that are especially enriching, educational and creatively impactful. Thematic art projects include Black History Month, Winter Wonderland, and World Cultural Awareness, and projects always include elements of art history as well as a wide variety of artistic techniques explored including watercolor painting, mixed-media expression, landscape art, portraiture, and abstraction.

    The Art Studio NY provides four unique after school art classes in two of Rodeph Sholom’s campuses. Our art studio’s Creativity For Cuties: Studio Art For Ages 3-4s offers preschool children an entertaining, safe and fun way to express themselves through art while building fine motor skills and strengthening their brain’s visual learning mechanism. Painting, Drawing and Self Expression for Grades K-1 and Grades 2-5 combine art history, modern art and a wide variety of artistic techniques (painting on canvas, abstraction, realism, pastel drawing, charcoal drawing, mixed-media, collage and more!). In these enrichment art classes, students create their own unique artworks that are inspired by famous artists and artistic movements spanning thousands of years, from Cave Paintings and Asian Art to Picasso’s Cubism, Renoir’s impressionism, and Georgia O’Keeffe’s modern art. Comics and Cartooning Art Class allows students to create their very own comic strip from start to finish regardless of artistic experience. The Art Studio NY additionally provided Rodeph Sholom School’s Staff Appreciation Celebration through an interactive step-by-step, team bonding painting class for over 250 staff members.

    Our New York City art studio after school program customizes two art classes for this dual curriculum French-American elementary school. In this popular Fashion Design Art Class, children in grades 1-5 express their creativity through fashion and art while learning about fashion illustration, color usage, patterning, developing artistic style, and more! Additionally, students are inspired by the colors and designs of famous artists, including Monet, Frida Kahlo, and Kandisnky as they create fashion-influenced artful masterpieces and French-artist inspired designs including tote bags, fashion sculptures, mixed-media fashion portraits, watercolor fashion illustrations, and more. Our Comics and Cartoons Art Class for grades 2-5 provides an encouraging environment for children to express themselves through creative, visual and literacy imaginative storytelling and art.

    Preschool children ages 3-4 enjoy a fun, entertaining art class that encourages creative play, painting, drawing, art history, teamwork, and the development of fine motor skills.

    An inclusive program whose goal is to provide every individual with special needs the support, friendship and inclusion that they deserve, our New York art studio provides encouraging and inspiring after school weekly art classes for kids of all abilities and all ages. Painting, drawing and mixed-media art projects are customized and tailor-made based on the needs and abilities of each child.

    Creating an enriching weekly art class for children ages 3-5, our art studio’s after school art class at YKOM encourages children to explore their creativity through a nurturing, warm and positive learning approach. Art techniques and projects include painting on canvas, pastel painting, college, printmaking, colorful drawing projects that are inspired by art history, cultural inspiration, and the school’s curriculum.

    Every June since 2014, teenage students travel from Singapore to experience the vibrant arts and culture of New York City. Taught by The Art Studio NY’s Founder, Rebecca Schweiger, teens experience an intuitive mixed-media art workshop that teaches students how to unleash their inner-creativity while learning how to develop creative tools to build successful and meaningful lives and future careers in the arts. Students have described this inspiring art workshop as “invigorating, freeing, cathartic, and life changing.”

    Teens hear firsthand about how Rebecca built a successful business from scratch, followed by an engaging and entertaining Question and Answer session. Creative tools explored include the art of overcoming fear, creating life vision, the importance of believing in oneself, letting go of the need for outside approval, building a support team, the gifts of failure, and taking action towards one’s life dreams. Participants are them guided through an energizing, step-by-step art making process that frees students to authentically express their personal life experiences through art.

    The Art Studio NY has welcomed various children who have been recipients of Make A Wish Foundation’s generosity. Children fighting serious diseases who have a love and passion for art have been welcomed to our NYC art studio so they can fulfill their wish of meaningful and inspiring art classes in New York City.

    Additional Schools We Work with Include:


    PS 84


    Online School Programs:

    We offer fully-managed School Online Art Programs too! These include After School Online Art Classes and In-School Online Art Classes. We are based in New York City, but our professional teaching artists can bring online art classes to your students via live online video meetings through Zoom or any other video conferencing system.

    Bartram Springs Elementary School in Florida.

    We’re not your average art studio.

    The Art Studio NY’s inspiring, encouraging, and fun art classes unlock children’s creativity, unleash inner-potential, and nurture kids of all ages (2-18) to express themselves. Fully customized, tailor-made classes focus on the needs, interests, and strengths of every child. Through our unique art education approach combining visual art techniques, art history, and the freedom of self-expression, kids become empowered and confident as they discover their best selves.

    Kids’ art classes are not a luxury; they are a necessity.

    Studies from Harvard and John Hopkins Universities show that art is crucial for children’s development. Through ongoing art classes, children achieve:
    • Development of stronger fine motor skills
    • Improved language and communication skills
    • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Greater academic performance in all subjects, including math, science, literacy, overall intellectual development, and higher test scores
    • Enhanced decision-making and critical-thinking skills
    • Greater innovation, inventiveness, and perseverance
    • Increased concentration and focus
    • Enhanced cultural awareness
    • Reduction of stress and anxiety

    The Art Studio NY is New York City’s most popular art program for children of all ages. Our #1-rated art studio is proud to partner with early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school programs, to provide tailor-made, inspiring, and high quality in-house programming for schools and children.

    We teach in-school early childhood kids art classes through our uniquely nurturing, engaging, and positive approach to art education. Through a combination of art history, encouraging self-expression, and the exploration of artistic techniques (including drawing, painting, collage, mixed-media, and more), children gain a unique educational experience. Our instructors encourage imagination, creative expression, and joy. All children receive one-on-one guidance from our skilled art instructors, who have experience bringing art to young children in a fun, engaging, and joyful way.

    For elementary-aged children, we customize the curriculum of every after school art enrichment class. Our goal is to nurture each and every child’s creative potential, while they receive exposure to a variety of artists, artistic movements, and styles. Most of all, we encourage their authentic self-expression and self-esteem through learning artistic techniques that promote individual expression including drawing, portraiture, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, charcoal drawing, abstract art, pastel painting, mixed-media art projects, and more. Individualized instruction, encouragement, and guidance leads to a boost in each child’s self-esteem and overall well-being.

    For older and more advanced groups of children or teens, we customize a curriculum that focuses on personal self-expression, improvement of artistic technique, and (on occasion) art portfolio development. The needs and interests of each child is a focal point to the wide variety of artistic techniques and creative genres that the kids are exposed to.

    Our tailor-made children’s art class curricula are designed by our Director of Art Education and Art Instructor Specialists, in order to meet the unique needs of each school and child. All children and teens in our after school art studio classes benefit from the evidence-based, researched benefits that conclude the following: Children need creativity and art in order to lead successful lives.

    If you are a school administrator, school director, or parent interested in having The Art Studio NY bring art instruction to your after school or enrichment program, please contact us.